Lessons of Love

Red – Anger

Blue – Calmness

Learning to understand self is learning the layers of self.  I find that humans tend to think too much which thus adds complexity in their lives.  When we say I just don’t understand him/her it is because we first must learn to understand self before we can ever understand self.  When we look into a mirror we are looking at our own reflection, thus we are looking at our own self.  When we look at another person, it is the same exact thing.  It is 1 soul living many life times simultaneously.

Life is easy if we let it and hard if we make it.  Life is easy when we flow with our rhythmic nature.  When we let our rhythmic beat of vibration flow freely, we are in harmony with self.  This is our destiny.  When we stop flowing freely with our rhythmic vibrational beat and go against our own rhythmic vibrational beat we thus make life hard for self.  This is our fate.

Life is school and the universe is our university.  That means when we have lessons to learn they are one of the many layers of love we are to learn in this life time.  The universe will send us our lessons through the universal law for us to learn these lessons of love.  When we don’t learn our lessons of love we get a chance to do them over and over again until we get it.  When we have to keep relearning our lessons of love, which is a level of learning to love self, it is called karma.  There are infinite lessons of love and karma teaches us how to learn to love our selves.


There are 12 basic levels of love.  To find the answers we must learn to ask the right questions in order to receive the right answers.  The keys are the questions; the doors are the answers within consciousness.  There are infinite levels of love that reside within the infinite layers within self.  It is the in between the between self.  To go into the layers of self is a process of first paying attention, and then we are aware, thus we become awake, which begets enlightenment.


To reach enlightenment self is in the knowing.  The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.   Each level of love is a lesson from spirit for the human to teach love and learn love.  When a human attaches an emotion to an experience this is a lesson the human is to learn.  When we are angry it is the emotion from the emotional body.  Human beings have 4 bodies. 1. The Mental body, 2. The Physical body, 3. The Emotional Body, 4. The Spirit Body.  Emotions create vibrations that create holographic colors called auras.  The emotion of anger creates the vibrational holographic color of red when a human is mad, angry, etc.  When the human has learned that the anger is negative/shadow side of self, one collects the emotions which layer on top of previous emotions within self. When self learns how to learn the process of changing that holographic vibrational color of red, into the vibrational auric color of blue, then calmness begins to resonate within self.


To learn the levels of love within consciousness is to learn each level within infinite self.  It all begins with baby steps of paying attention and learning to be mindful of what self does to self within many layers of self.


Seek, find, conquer, and move on.  We seek with the right questions.  We will find the right answers.  We conquer our fear and turn it into love.  Then we move on, because we have learned that level of love.  We have thus relearned and we are reminded what we already know, and have always known, we are then in the knowing.  This knowing is the internal knowing of love, the love of self on all levels of love.


We are all 1 love, 1 truth, 1 self that lives within infinite self.


Light and Love