Connection of self

Fractal Organization vs. Top-Down Hierarchies

The rational mind rationalizes everything.  The rational mind has learned through behavioral patterns of learned intellect.  Learned intellect is a teaching tool, that outside of self has taught self.

Outside of self are others.  Outside of self is taught in time/space and mass/matter to understand the 3-D third dimension.  Outside of self has taught self to rationalize and put into perspective the tangible objects that exist in the 3-D third dimension.
When self relates to tangible objects, self attached an emotion to the tangible object.  First is a thought, that beget an emotion, that begets a blockage/toxin that begets a dis-ease within self.
When self remembers and relearn the difference between intellect and knowing, only than will self understand that the intangible is the true self.  To rationalize the intangible is beyond human intellect.
The intangible ceases to exist in time/space and mass/matter because it goes beyond 3-D third dimension.
Learning the levels of self, that is the in between the between, is where true self is.  Thus the rational mind is a form of intellect that teaches self-control.  Controlling self is detrimental to self.  Controlling and containing self is energy that builds into toxins.  Those toxins are life formed inside of self due to control.
Toxins are ailments which are foreign to self.  Those toxins take on manifestations within self such as cancer, and other bodily effects, because the body is rebelling control.  Another toxin is a belief system.  A belief system is determined through ones own perception.
A belief system in tangible items such as labels, like war, politics, economic status, etc. are all labels that self attached an emotion to.  When emotion is attached it is a form of control.  The ego is controlling the outside of self with belief systems.
When the ego can not control outside of self, the ego will begin to manifest a belief system.  That belief system will take on a life energy.  That energy is in competition with the ego and thus a war begins.  The war between self’s ego and true self.  When the ego is losing the control a belief system begins to dominate inside of self.  Thus a new belief system opens.
The new belief system becomes the dominating force that will formulate punishment.  That punishment is an intangible thought that comes alive.  Thus ones true self begins to shrink and the ego is taking over.  The manifestation grows and gains strength.  When that manifestation of belief system is so strong it will take on the life of the negative.
The negative is believing that self is not worthy of self.  Thus it could get to the point of cancer, suicide, and a many host of toxins.

Learning simplification and moderation is the first steps to releasing negative self.  Control in moderation and defining the levels of control can be implemented when one learns who the true self is.  Learning about self starts with baby steps.Learning that control is denying self.  Learn to reconnect with self is the best gift of love that one can give to self.  When one begins to learn how to understand self, then self will begin that the rational mind of beliefs is only a thought that has changed self.

Remembering who self is begins with remembering knowing.  Self knows self, intellect separates self from self due to a belief system that is separate from truth. True self only knows truth that comes from the in between of the between of self.  The in between of the between of self is the neutral/void.

Living in a belief system of positive and negative is the 3-D third dimension of tangible and intangible objects.  To live in true self is the truth of the neutral/void and choosing which life to live.  The neutral/void is one moment in time we choose which direction to send our own energy.  We choose to send our own energy to positive or negative unless we live in the neutral/void.

Remembering and relearning who self is, is the beginning of reconnecting self with self.

Light and Love