Energy of Sound

Sharing energy of essences is sharing spirical love. Energy in the form of sound creates a vibration. That vibration has frequencies.

For example, humans pick up this energy through their portals called chakras. Chakras are funnels that are constantly picking up energy. This energy is receiving and giving that flows through out the human body.

The human body’s neurons translates that energy into receiving and then sends out that energy called giving. That energy is a wave that started from a small sound and as it travels through time and space it becomes mass and matter. That energy is transformed into a human emotion.

Translation is a vibration that one human picks up and transcends/sends out the original energy plus the humans own energy. Which thus is doubling that energy. Each person that picks up another’s energy is doubled and is sent from the second person to another person and so on and so forth.

The original energy is a small holographic particle. Depending upon the energy frequency of a human, will determine how the human will be receiving and deciphering that energy.

The energy of sound is a vibrational frequency for all to receive and give. It is a birth right. Hence 1 of the human 5 senses. When a person is deaf they still receive sound through different senses. It is just a different frequency.

The energy of sound is vibrating out in what is called auras. Everything in the 3-D third dimension has an aura. The aura is seen as color.

The human auric is projected/giving from the human to the universe and everything in it. That energy lives on as a layer on top of previous energies. Layers upon layers create synergy. As the layers build within a human and get to heavy they become blockages. Those blockages create havoc for the human to deal with, if the human keeps the energy locked inside of self.

If the human has free flowing synergy then blockages are next to non existence.

Releasing all blockages gives the human chakras room to receive new synergy of sound vibrations.

Humans attach an emotion to a sound. That sound thus takes on a life inside that human. If the human keeps that emotion, they thus beget emotional blockages. If the human releases that emotion, they release that blockage.

Keeping that emotion is thus projected as a an auric color. The color determines what mental/emotional/physical/spiritual state a human is in at that moment in time and space.

When a human is in a full state of the energy of love the auric color is a very vibrate energy. The colors are bright. The frequency of the vibration is a slow pace, which coincides with the natural heartbeat of a human. The natural heartbeat of a human is in sink with the natural heartbeat of mother earth.

The key to understanding of sound is to let it flow freely in and out of self. Keeping it is only containing it. Containing it will only create blockages. Blockages create ailments/sickness. Learn to just let it flow.

Energy is meant to always flow. Keeping it is containing it. Containing it is the emotion that keeps it alive. That emotion will create havoc in the human being.

Seek, find, release, and move on. Creating energy with sound can be beautiful or disturbing. It is your choice to choose what frequency you receive in yourself and what frequency you send out.

Listening to your own rhythmic heartbeat is the key to understanding the frequencies that you receive and give.

Love is the only rhythmic heartbeat that creates. What it creates is your choice.

Light and Love