Moving the wave of cyberspace.

We can move from the past into the future instantly with cyberspace.  It is a matrix all its own.  As humans we attach emotion to inanimate objects & thus they become alive.  To some it is a world of pleasure and to some it is a world of hell.  Some are addicted and some fear it. In the world of 3-D third dimension we fluctuate in and out of emotion with inanimate objects.  The more a human interacts with inanimate objects the more they fluctuate less and less with other humans.

Thus a pattern emerges, then the human begins to start feeling a disconnection with other humans within ones own vicinity, within ones own world.  Then the numbness begins.  The numbness is how a human deals with the real world in 3-D third dimension as the world around them changes.  Because they are blind to the fact that they are changing within the world of the matrix that connects all living beings.

While in cyberspace, one becomes lost within the matrix of time/space & mass/matter.
When one emerges from cyberspace back into what one calls reality, is a bit more different than before one left into the world of cyberspace.

Because in cyberspace one can create ones world of fantasy into what ever world one wants to be in.  In the what one calls reality in 3-D third dimension one does what one has to in life.  When one creates the world of cyberspace and ones reality into one world instead of 2 separate worlds and they are simultaneously one world in ones perception, a person is then living in one world.

Same as if a person has an apple and an orange and puts the 2 together as one piece of fruit, then a person is living with one piece of fruit that has the core of 2 different concepts of perception.  When this happens then we are thus living in the matrix of the future.  Some find pleasure in this and some find fear in this.

Some live and breathe change and some live and breathe fear.  Fear is only a perception that one has created in ones own mind.  Love changes dark into light.  Love changes the perception of fear as an inanimate object into an energy helps the heart to grow instead of shrinking.  The more we learn to love our own selves the more that love changes dark objects to light objects.

Love changes karmic debts into karmic merits.  Creating karmic merits is sharing cyberspace as only one part of one life.  Letting cyberspace create emotion in one’s life creates karmic debts.  Cyberspace is only energy and humans choose how to use that energy that will create their destiny.

Choose how you spend your time in cyberspace, because time is a portion of 3-D third dimension, and time used wisely will choose your destiny.

Love and Light