Mysticism changes throughout time/space and mass/matter only to wind up back at the same place it started and thus we have history repeating itself.  Mysticism is a mystery to those who live in fear of the unknown.  To those who live in mysticism it is a welcome change of reality.

Mysticism welcomes us into the land of journeys we only dream about.  We thus become a child in the wonderment of letting ourselves be free.  Mysticism is the stuff that love is made of.  It makes us smile, it makes us cry, It brings us joy, and we thus share with the ones we love the mysticism of wonderment.

When we are truly free in being true with our own soul, we are free to travel the road of mysticism.  Mysticism is the energy that swirls and intertwines through the matrix of connectedness.  When we transpire self into the matrix we are thus living in mysticism as a true reality, that thus becomes a world of enchantment.  Within this matrix we play out are karmic debts.

We can only see this vision when we visualize self becoming at one with self.  When we pass through the doors of mysticism we truly get the purpose of life.  The questions that lay dormant in one of your four bodies – the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, is thus answered the moment you step through the doors of mysticism.

The journey of mysticism is a long traveled road that some take years to find the door.  Yet others find this door the minute they are birthed into the reality of 3-D.  But there are still others that are pure mysticism, that is flowing with pure energy of higher consciousness.  Then there are others that seem to be lost forever in searching for this door.

Mysticism is the energy that flows through man-made thoughts, man-made actions, man-made material items, organic and inorganic essences.  When we blend our own energies with our environment we thus take those energies into our own matrix of energy.  They become intertwined and thus a new energy, a new mysticism is thus born.  We are becoming a new energy and we become a new person because we are re birthed into the same body but with new energies.

As space/time and mass/matter drift through 3-D our energies are carried into and out of mysticism.  Our thoughts and actions have changed and thus we have changed, because we are mixing energies in the matrix that lies within the mysticism of consciousness.

There is light and dark energies within consciousness.  The light and dark energies are just avenues out of the void.  The void is the energy seed that sits and waits within cosmic consciousness.  Traveling in and out of the void on waves of light and dark energies is the purpose of the 3rd dimension.  Traveling the waves of mysticism is a road that is traveled less frequently than the soul desires.  Keeping hold of man-made thoughts, actions, material goods, and anything that is abstracted from love will keep a person floating with dark energies within the matrix.  Keeping with higher vibrational energies stimulated from the heart chakra and above will help to access the mysticism.

To have access to this door a person must feed the mind, the body, the emotion, the spirit with the most optimal food.  When one listens to ones own truth one then becomes true to self and only lets optimal food into ones own being.  Feeding Pure organic thoughts and actions into ones own being will release the burdens of the 3rd dimension. Then the doors of mysticism will fully open in cosmic consciousness.

To stay in mysticism is to live ones own truth, ones own choice in life becomes ones true reality.   Choices are only choices if we let them be choices.  When we live in truth, we live in the knowing, because we are following our own truth.

First energies are negative energies, 2nd energies are positive energies, 3rd energies are a combination of negative and positive energies.  Positive and negative travel as a combo, where there is one there is the other.  It is through the knowing that we pass through the doors of mysticism and we have left behind positive and negative energies and we have emerged into the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the spirit realm.  The spirit realm is the land of mysticism in all its glory.  To go above and beyond is to go into the soul realm.  The soul realm is the 5th dimension.

In order to reach the highest consciousness level that one is capable of in this life time, is to ride the waves of mysticism with direction and purpose from ones own choice.  Wise choices that come from knowing will set one free from karmic baggage, and into the land of mysticism in cosmic consciousness.

Light and Love