Energy Wave


The energies in the air are high today. We all need to catch the energy wave.  The wave will bring all humans to a higher level of love.  See it, feel it, taste it, touch it, and hear it.  Understanding this energy is to pass human thoughts of love.

The vibration of love is all around, all we have to do is catch that energy wave.  Ride that wave 365 days a year.

Love is and will always be you. You just need to remember you are love. You have always been love and will always be love.

Let your love energy shine for all to see.  Let it go out and play. Then others can catch the wave also. The more people that catch it, the more all humanity will be living in love.  The vibration will rock the world and the vibration of light will be seen for all galaxies to feel.

Just let it go and it will come back in 10 fold.  The light, the energy of love will over power any negativity that any human could possible conceive when we all live in love.