The Power of Self

The focus of power.  What is obtainable and what is not.  What’s that mean?  What’s the big deal?  How can I change that?

Power is ego based driven.  Focus becomes power.  Words have power.  Verbiage usage of action.  To power or not to power, that is the question.

To give power to the inside, means inside of self.  To give power outside, means outside of self.

The start of learning self is to learn about self. To learn is actually to remember who one is and why one is here. To learn is to remember self.  To remember self is to free self from burdens one has placed on self.  It is remembering the art of freedom.  It is a birthright.

1 power, your power.  How to reconnect with your internal power, through natural mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Because knowledge is power, and reconnecting with your self is to relearn/remember self love, through the multidimensional self.

Vibrational medicine operates from the understanding that dis-ease begins with our thoughts, in our etheric body, or auric field.  Energy enters into the auric field through the chakras, and is distributed through the meridian channels.  These systems are the pathways through which universal life – force energy creates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual vehicles that spirit inhabits to have on this earth – based upon experience.

Time is like a river you can not touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again.  Enjoy every moment of life.

Imagine that you are a dolphin stuck in a net and you struggle to get out of the net.  The net is a metaphor for life.  You are the dolphin that struggles and struggling is a fight or flight mechanism to get out of the net.  You are struggling in life when you fight against life.  Thus you are living in the negative and struggle in life the same as a dolphin struggles to get out of a net.  When you stop struggling through life you stop the flight or fight mechanism/energy that is negatively persistent in your life.  Negativity is the yang energy.  To live in the positive energy is yin energy.  The energy that is present in life is both positive and negative / yin and yang.  Both are constantly present at any moment in life.  It is a choice of which energy self chooses.  Each choice is based upon the experience that the spirit needs to experience in this lifetime.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

Free will is the choice that the human chooses to keep one’s power or give one’s power away.  To keep one’s power is to listen to the teachings of one’s spirit, and to live in the positive which creates karmic freedom of collecting karmic baggage.  To give away one’s power is to stop listening to one’s spirit and to live in the negative which creates karmic baggage.

To stop the struggles in life, is to create karmic freedom of collecting karmic baggage.  Ones birthright is to understand through knowing that freedom is to be free from karmic baggage and to stop collecting it.  Release the karmic baggage/debt by regaining one’s own power

To regain one’s own power back is to relearn/remember self-love.

Light and Love