The seed of love

With in the last 200 years the bicameral mind has learned metaphors.  What a metaphor to one is not the same to another.  It is the lingo within a subculture that distinguishes the metaphors within that subculture. Such as likes, dislikes, etc.  So to ponder is to active a neuron within the mind, that is a seed of creativity that expands consciousness within ones self.  Then when others learn the lingo within the metaphor it becomes an energy wave.  Others pick up that energy wave.  I call this love.  Love gives us passion that lies within in self that brings our likes & dislikes to life.  That energy wave is sent out & others that feel the vibration of the passion catch that energy wave.  When all catch that energy wave then that is when we are all 1 energy, 1 love.

When we live within our own truth, we live within cosmic consciousness. That is transcending the transparencies within in cosmic consciousness.  It is the between within the between – the void.  In the void is a seed.  The seed lives in cosmic consciousness.  When creativity actives the seed it is thus birthed into life.  The seed has a recycled life.  It has birth, death, rebirth – reincarnation.  When the seed of creativity has life by 1 person which is a thought or action and it is played out.  Then the seed has death when the thought or action is done.  Then seed has re-birthed when another person brings that seed to life once more through thought or action.  A seed that lives within cosmic consciousness with in self is the key to unlocking the doors with in consciousness.  To live in love is to live within ones own truth.  To live within ones own truth is to learn about self, within self, about self, within the multiply layers of self.

Love is intangible.  To attach love to tangible items is to give it life.  The love seed brings metaphors to life though human feeling.  When the love seed has been opened, we thus open self beyond the restriction that one has placed upon ones self.  When it is open we thus leave the baggage behind and we are free.  One freedom is to change every single negative word to positive.  Another freedom is to repeat to self  “I AM LOVE”, and to give ones self permission to do this as many times as one needs.

Learning anything in life is called lessons.  Life lessons are the universes way of showing self ones path of destiny.  The levels of love are the multiple levels of self within self.  Within the love seed is energy waiting to be birthed into creation.  The self has a choice of which direction to birth that energy.  The choice to live in love or live in fear.  Only the one true self knows the truth.  It is every human beings choice to choose.  Choose wisely, because ones choice affects all of humanity.

Life is easy if you let it & hard if you make it.

Light and Love