Holographic Umbilical Cord

I have been a landscaper in 3 different states for 20 years now. I find that working with nature really keeps me close to mother earth. The plants do talk to us, if only we pay attention.

Mother earth sends out organic rhythms and she talks to us on a constant basis. I see many creatures that build their homes on earth & in trees & on plants, besides human creatures. I am very connected to all these things. I feel the energy vibration that generates from mother earth and all of her creatures, that have adapted to the bio-rhythmic pulses that come from the core of mother earth.

She talks to all her children and all the organic and inorganic life forms that reside on her.  She is a mother just like any other mother.  When she is upset she spanks her children.  She sends out waves of natural catastrophes, such as hurricanes, tornado’s, fires that spread because of wind, etc. etc.  This is so humans can take a time out and realize what they have done.

Mother earth and mother nature can be cruel, just like a human mother.  Mother earth and mother nature can be kind, just like a human mother.  The only difference is, is that when a human mother is in the bio-rhythm of synchronization with mother earth and mother nature, she feels love pulsating through her entire being and she shares the warmth of love with her children.  She is connected as one rhythmic heart beat with mother earth and mother nature.  They are connected through a holographic umbilical cord that pulsates cosmic consciousness of love.  But, on the flip side the negative side, mother earth and mother nature can be cruel.  When a human mother is disconnect from her self she is thus disconnected from mother earth and mother nature.  The holographic umbilical cord is torn and in knots.  The human mother feels alone and disconnected from her mother earth and mother nature.  The human mother is out of synchronization with her bio-rhythmic nature that pulsates through her being.

The holographic umbilical cord from mother earth is in dire need of repair.  The cord is tattered, worn  and in knots.   She is a loving mother that needs help from her human children.  I feel her vibrational energy when she weeps with sorrow of the mistreating’s her children have done to her.

Humans need to remember one truth – one love – one tone of pure organic energy.  The bio-rhythmic organic heart beat is the connection of love that is missing in many human lives.  Without the connection we are disconnected from self.  To reconnect to our organic holographic pure state of oneness with self is the ultimate inter-connectedness.  When we pay attention and are aware that we are disconnected we can thus start the re-connection once again.  We can start mending the broken, tattered, worn and in knots holographic umbilical cord.

Without change as time progresses the rich warm earthly rainbow of colors will begin to fade.  This is mother earths heart beat slowing down.  The progression of disintegration is upon us like a black cloud that lingers through out our auric field.  The chaotic integration of human emotional needs eludes mother earth.  She only wants to love her children with the pure innocence of love.  To share the beautification of love and to free binding hearts of sorrow and despair.

Mother earth is dying because of the carelessness of her heartless children.  They are lost souls roaming the earth.  They have lost the connection to mother earth.   I hear and feel her cries, her sorrows, and her pain.  It pulsates through me as if it were my own pain.  I cry tears for my mother earth.  She needs all of us to reunite in the most beautiful experience ever know in human kind.  She only wants to live.  She only gives of her self and ask for nothing in return, but love.

My sorrows and pain grow with each passing day.  All sacred spiritual beings through out our galaxy know through cosmic consciousness, what humans are doing to mother earth.  They are aware of the disconnection. They know our pain, however they do not feel our pain.  That feeling is only a human emotion.  When a human lives in higher states of consciousness they are passed human emotion.

To live in higher states of consciousness is to be in the holographic light body that we all are.  Our holographic light body core, is connected through the holographic umbilical cord, that is connected to the core of mother earth.

Mother earth is a patient mother.  But she is growing very tired and weak, because her children constantly abuse her.  All humans form a collective consciousness.  The collective consciousness that many humans tend to vibrate in is a negative energy of fear.  That fear hurts self and mother earth is a part of self.  Her patients is growing thin with each moment in time.  Time is of the essence.

It is time to shift our holographic light bodies and collective consciousness into a pure state of love.  If the change stays stagnant then mother earth will proceed in what will and needs to be done.  As time goes by mother earth’s rhythmic heart beat is slowing to a slow steady pace that is dwindling with each breath we take.   Our breaths are becoming congested the same as hers.  We are losing sight of balance same as she.  We are losing physical sense of self same as she.  Allergies are plaguing humans same as mother earth.  The list goes on and on.  Paying attention to what is happening to humans is the same for mother earth.

Time is growing shorter with each passing day.  There will come a day and that day is vastly approaching fast.  When humans follow in others paths they are choosing to follow in fate.  We must follow our own destiny.  To follow in others path of their destiny is called mind control. Thus that means we are giving away our own power.  We must keep our own power and reconnect with mother earth.  She is our life line.

Our life line is growing shorter and shorter.  Then one day we will realize what we have done and it will be too late.  It will be to late because mother earth and mother nature will say enough is enough.  If my children want to keep misbehaving then they must be punished.  She will cleanse the earth once more same as in many eons ago.  The next cleansing will be by fire.  The earth will be come a blaze of fire.

When this happens then all holographic light bodies will transcend into cosmic consciousness once more.  Mother earth will bring her children back home if they keep misbehaving.

Each individual on mother earth must meditate in order to reconnect to self.  The time is now.  Time is of the essence.  When all humans reconnect through collective consciousness I will see it while I am landscaping.  The meditation will bring life back to self and mother earth is part of self.

The beauty of love is to live in harmony, tranquility, and serenity. The love of all that is.

I love all, I appreciate all, I am grateful for all, and I am sending light and love to all.

Let it be, so it shall be, blessed be.

Light and Love

Holographical Umbilical Cord.

Holographical Umbilical Cord.