When the shift happens we must be prepared. That means you should have already figured out what your life will be like. What you will look like, what you want to be, & who you will be, etc.
Everything that was impossible will become possible in this life time as we see fit, with in our own perception of time/space and mass/matter. That is part of the point of preparing.

We prepare for many things in this life time. We have always prepared in our past/present/future life times. It is only the remembering of what preparation we need to make & they are not man made preparations that will prepare us for the shift.We must go beyond human perception of what we perceive the shift will bring. If you perceive death, then it will be death. If you perceive it will be life, then it will be life. To live in fear of death will bring death. To live in love will bring love.

It is your destiny to live in your perception of what you perceive life to be. No one can live your truth for you. Only you live your own truth on your own path of destiny. Others will tell you what to think, do, and say. That is a form of mind control, & thus you are giving your power away. Stop giving your power away and learn to reconnect to self. Self love is the only power that conquers all.

Remember to be good to your self, love your self, & thus the world will love you. Your light will shine & will blanket mother earth will love. Reconnecting with self will give you back your power. Keep your power & grow stronger everyday in every way.

Love & Light