The path of love

I travel the road of simplicity and taking only what I need.

The glistening stars and the illuminating moon are my guides from another world, time, and place. We interconnect as one being.  I feel the energies pulsating through my being with serenity and tranquility.

My mother, mother earth whispers to me ever so gently, I have cared for you and loved you with all my being.  Our energies are one.  Your essence of love is your blanket to all beings and your smile is your sunshine to the world.

As the gentle breeze blows I reminisce of the paths I have followed and to wince I travel now.  Through time/space and mass/matter it is just memories that flow like the gentle breeze, that reminds me of yesteryear.

Through the many things that others call problems, I thus call them opportunities.  Opportunities to learn life lessons.  Lessons are blessings, to teach us to open our hearts to all.

Finding ones’ truth is a life long journey and when we follow our heart our truth unfolds ever so gently in our path.

My calling in life called to me all my life.  Whence I had chosen to ignore on many occasions because I was blind to truth.  My journeys created who I am as a human being.  My truth now shown in the name of love.

I share to each and all, that when we know our truth it will set us free. Free to be the light we were meant to be.

Let it be, so it shall be, blessed be.

Light and Love

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