Aura Picture

Aura Picture

I had my first aura picture in 2006. It showed that my aura is violet. Auras change with our emotions of past, present, and future. A couple of years later I had another aura picture. And I was asked  by the women that took the aura picture, if I had ever thought about being a healer. The women told me what ever I was doing is good because all my chakras are open.

A violet aura is a reincarnated soul and whose karma is on the plus side, and here to help others on the negative side.

I have always saw things differently than others. It is not good or bad, it is just different. It is just the understanding of making the impossible possible.

As I go through life it unfolds itself to me ever so gently and I listen. To hear something is to hear with the ears or other human 5 senses. To listen is to listen beyond the human 5 senses.

Listening is listening with the understanding of knowing, which is beyond human comprehension of good/bad, god/devil, positive/negative, etc. It is easy to learn the levels of understanding through the different stages of love.

As I write my Ph.D. dissertation for school, all the information needed unfolds itself ever so gently into my awareness. I access my higher self through cosmic consciousness and the information presents itself through the transcending transparencies and into manifestation. Simply I think it and it happens.

There are keys. When we find these keys we unlock doors. The doors are opened into self awareness. I create my own destiny. I do not follow anyone elses’ path to create my destiny.

Everyone has a choice to choose fate or destiny and to become the being that they were meant to be in this life time. Finding ones own true it the truth to full filing ones own destiny.

I thought is was always strange that I have three 6’s in my birthday and society teaches 666 is a bad number. Through religion we are taught that is the sign of evil. That is because they are afraid which means they are creating through fear of not understanding. They put limitations on their own potential of being who they were meant to be in this life and they follow others perception which creates their fate on the karmic wheel.

When we limit love on all levels, we create blockages, blockages manifest into sickness/ailments. Releasing blockages that are created by ones own perception is limiting freedom of energy. The energy of love.

Humans live by 2 words Fear or Love. We have a choice to choose Fear or love. Fear only limits love in ones perception of ones reality.

Ones own truth is living in love. Reconnecting the mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – starts with self-awareness.

I am loving the process of letting my paper write itself. I am just the vehicle that the high self presence through symbols and metaphors of knowing through me, and into the world for all species on earth; so they in turn understand their own self.

The more I learn about me, the more it helps others, which in turn helps humanity. I am a Gemini – To teach that love is awareness and to learn that love is feeling. I do this on a daily basis, to obtain personal growth. To be a better person than I was the day before.

Sending Light and Love to all

Juanita Lewis B.Msc., M.Sc., D.Div., Ph.D.