Perception of self awareness

Seeking is many life time journey’s, of the unfolding of self-awareness. To follow the path of another is to put blinders on. To become a seeker of truth is to be mindful. To silence the mind, then the truth presence it’s self in entirety.

 Separating self into either, academic – secular teachings or into spiritual – esoteric knowing, can be detrimental to the inner workings of the mind.  Humans have 8 basic needs and one of those needs is to belong.  Humans have the need to belong to a group of either, secular intellect or esoteric knowing of understanding as presented through perception of self.

 Secular understanding has a long history that is stimulated from esoteric history.  To cut off the history is the same as cutting off a piece of self.  To understand self we must look at the entirety of self, while being mindful of the pieces of the root of self.  Being the observer and the observe at the same exact moment in time, is to bridge self into self. Hence self-awareness.

 It is easy for some while it is oblivious to others to seek and find self-awareness.  To collect and keep all the pieces of self and to understand why those pieces are presented is an experience helps to understand self.  Knowing is remembering the learning of history past of self.

 Personal growth can lead to self-awareness if we so choose to remember the pieces of self in its entirety.

Light and Love