Energy Within

Listen ever so gently to the perpetual motion of energy.  As it coarses through the body and transcends the transparency within human into a holographic body.  The energy is self awareness and lives within the cosmic consciousness beyond the galaxies.  The energy lives beyond the human comprehension of the perception of human 5 senses.

The energy transforms from within self and outlines the human body as a holographic light body.  The perpetual motion that surrounds the human form, forms into a translucent grid of inter-connectedness.  The connectedness inside and outside of self.

The energy flows within the creative innovation of consciousness.  Creative innovation of consciousness has a rhythmic beat of inspiration.  Letting the motion of energy flow creates ever lasting beauty within the perception of consciousness.

Enjoy the sweetness of serenity as it unfolds within awareness.  The sounds are alive, the smells are alive, the sights are alive, the hearing is alive, and the touching is alive within the higher self.  Unfolding energy into the blooming pure essences of love and letting it flow freely.  Feel the warmth of the rainbow that transpires innocence.  Innocence is boundless and wraps pure love around collective energies and transforms it into different levels of love.

When the human species releases man made concepts, is when all humanity becomes aware of cosmic consciousness.  Cosmic consciousness is a living breathing entity of pure essence of love.  That spreads peace, joy, serenity, and tranquility to all that want peace in and of the world of human species.

Take all the negative and positive in ones perception and ball it up and throw it at the universe, release the energy that binds you from love.  Sending that ball into the universe will release you into your higher self and the universe will except it with loving open arms.  The universe will recycle it and send it back out with the pure essence of love for all to soak up in their holographic bodies.

Recycling of birth, death, rebirth is reincarnation of energy.  The universe wants all your negative energies and will except them all with open arms of pure love.  Cleansing the mind/body/emotion/spirit on a daily basis  is a choice to free all negative energies that reside in self.

Please recycle today.  Then you can once again learn to love self as you came here to do on earth.

Light and Love