4 categories

The land of science has 4 categories there is time/space & mass/matter.  The land of nature has 4 categories earth/air/fire/water.  When we take each of these 4 categories & combined them they produce the 3rd dimension of the physical plane.

Human perception is limited to the 3rd dimension.  To understand quantum physics is through the intellect of science of the 5 senses.  Beyond human perception of understanding is in the realms of cosmic consciousness.  Cosmic consciousness is the in the realms of the astro plane.

To understand the astro plane we must understand self.  To understand self is self awareness.  When we are aware of external sources of self we perceive it through our 5 senses.

When a person loses one of their senses another sense kicks up to a heightened sense which is a heightened awareness.  Such as a higher sense of smelling, tasting, touching, seeing, and hearing.  To believe in negative, that what is happening to self, in a higher sense creates blockages.  When blockages a cure in our selves, our own being, we deny self from self.

Denying self from self creates soul blockages upon the karmic wheel of infinity.  To only stay in perception of 4 categories is denying self from self.  Self awareness surpasses 4 categories and into cosmic consciousness.  Human beings are beings with emotions.  Emotions play an intricate part in our being, our self.

Emotions are a perception that brings the 5 senses up or down.  Human beings attach emotions to the 4 categories.  Then they perceive if something is real or not.  Emotions can control a persons life if they so choose. However, when we are in control of our emotions our perception changes.  Our 5 senses go up which is the opposite of down.  Negative emotions are a down perception. Positive emotions are an up perception.  This is the dualistic 3rd dimension of the physical plane of human perception.

To perceive perception beyond human perception is past the physical plane of the 3rd dimension, and into the astro plane of cosmic consciousness.  Beyond human emotion, beyond the human 5 senses. Being in  the moment is being in the emotion. Being of the moment is being outside the emotion.  Limitation of only the 5 senses is closing self off and into a box.

Boxes come in many shapes and sizes when we understand geometry.  We must learn to see outside the box of perception, and into the realms of knowing.  The realms of intellect are man-made concepts through linguistics in order for human beings to understand their world and all it contains.

However, the realms of knowing are beyond man made concepts within perception of human intellect.  To understand knowing is pass the human 5 senses of 4 categories.  Knowing opens the world within self.  Knowing contains all past, present, and future.  A belief system only prohibits or denies self from self.  Knowing opens self into self.

Knowing begins with self love.  Knowing releases karmic debt from infinity.  It is very challenging to some and easy to others to understand self above the 4 categories.  To begin to understand self is finding the key to open the box of perception.

We feed our brains, we feed our bodies, we feed our emotions, but we sometimes forget to feed our spirit.  Our spirit gives us the inspiration to find a way through the box of perception and into cosmic consciousness.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.  When we listen to our spirit we know how to unlock the box of human perception, then we stop denying our selves of the love we have been missing.

Love is the scope beyond negative and positive perception.  Love is infinity. Love is the understanding that is played out within the experience of the human being.  Love is beyond the human 5 senses, it is in the knowing.

When humans can understand that love is past the 4 categories then the beginning of awareness begins.  Love through cosmic consciousness is awareness within self. Self Love

Light and Love