I have kissed t…

I have kissed the rainbow color of life with the pure essences of love.

This is obtainable when one has cleansed and repaired ones auras and chakras.  The first three levels of the aura can be cleansed with herbs, vitamins, or auric surgery.  The upper levels can be cleansed with laying on of hands, healing meditation, healing with light, color, sound and crystals.

Cleansing begins with learning to except ones experiences as life lessons.  Learning to pay attention and be aware of ones emotions and thoughts.

Energy flows free.  When we contain energy it becomes stagnate, then becomes toxic and then sickness appears.  See the energy, feel it, acknowledge it, then let it go.  The more we fill up with negative energies the sicker we become.

The day I saw my own aura it was beautiful.  The day I saw the aura of a 50 foot pine tree no words could describe it.  The beauty that radiates from all living organisms fills your whole being with love when your all your auras and chakras are cleansed.

This life is only an experience to learn the different levels of love.

Light and Love