Indie Publisher creating Indie Musicals {music videos}

Love Is

Love is every thing & yet it is nothing.

Love is every thing when we give our awareness to it.

Love is nothing when we give awareness to anything else but love.

Love does not see time and space. Love is light and dark.

Love needs love to grow. Love sees what the human eyes choose to forget.

Love is in all levels of awareness.

Love knows everything.

Love is infinite. Human thoughts keep love away.

Humans are lost without love.

Love knows only one human word = Love.

Light and Love


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I'm an Indie Publisher creating Indie Musicals {music videos}. To discover and understand, transcending the transparency of consciousness, of the most fantastic life force ever known. To communicate with organic life within consciousness and present knowing through the 5 senses. To let the energies of life flow in and out of life. Light and Love

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