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The past few months my spirit is having a ball!!!  It is really super cool when you start discovering new sites, sounds, adventures and so many more things than your senses have been exposed to.  I have been hanging out in a little joint called Soundcloud and deviantART.

Soundcloud I’m sure many have heard of before, but I did not start exploring it till just a few months ago.  And, WOW!!! There is so much different types and kinds of music, it’s like candy to my ears :-)

So I opened a profile and started posting my drawings and painting for each set I have on soundcloud.  I listen to certain types of music, because I am listening for the rhythmic rhythms of vibrational tones in Mhz.  Most people just enjoy listening to the music.  But, I am looking for something specific.

I listen for certain beats and sounds in music.  The specific sounds I am listening for will go into a mix that a co-worker and I will make.  I am in the process of writing a children’s books.  The book will be a pop up of fractal animals I draw and paint. Plus I want music to play when the pages open. The music will be part of the adventure.  The book will be geared towards children of all ages.

I am drawing and painting certain fractal animals for the book that are now on

I am entering art contest in hopes of winning enough money to be able to publish the book.

My profile on soundcloud

I am seriously having a ton of fun!!!  I post many different types of music.  The music puts me into music meditation.  The beats bring out visions which activate my dmt naturally.

I did a Tracey Chapman 24 hours marathon a few weeks ago on soundcloud, just a ton of fun!!!

My spirit guides me through life and my spirit tells me when it is time for a change.  One day I picked up a pencil and my hands just started drawing fractal animals.  I am drawing and painting for a whole 4 months now and am enjoying every moment and new things start emerging in my drawings.  I never drew anything before that.

If you want some different types of music and art check out my soundcloud page and deviantART page.

Life is truly becoming more fun each and everyday.

Light and Love

Dream of Dreams

Do dreams last in time,

Of things we only wish to find?

To dream a dream a thousand times,

Is but only a dream within a dream,

Those fleeting moments to call you mine,

It is but melodies

That must be true,

To bring that dream of me to you,

A light that was once missing,

That shined bright,

Through the glistening melodies,

That danced upon my heart,

That light of dreams,

That was once lost,

But now was found,

When your spherical essence,

Intertwined with mine,

A dream of dreams in time.

Simplicity of life

I am a gang mower by trade. With this occupation I basically live out doors through my job. I get to see mother nature and father time create fascinating awareness of the simplicities of life in a moment in time. Each moment brings awareness of simplification and moderation. In a complex world due to the thought patterns of consciousness in human species, it merely brings forth just that complex and complicated thinking. But yet life is really much more simpler than that, due to cosmic consciousness.
simply put – take an engine of car & take it part & put it back together. Some can’t & some can – it’s that simple. The value of life is the simple pleasures that all humans seek but can not find, simply because they don’t understand their own self.

I love life and life loves me!! I am a being that is a practical and down to earth person that thinks differently, because I am not average. You meaning general (everybody) – Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve – its that simple. The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity. So my books are simply the language of my heart presented in human language. Hopefully some day they will be in many different languages. But I have too many other projects I’m working on at the present moment. Different languages on the to do list :-)

Transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness and you will discover the beauty of the simplicity of you.

Love and Light


Keeping it real – Knowledge is POWER!!!!!

Keeping it real – Knowledge is POWER!!!!!

Thyroid supplements

A holistic approach is just that – the whole body approach to maintaining a healthy life style.

For hypo or hyper thyroid there are natural ways.

A very good link is

I had never heard of Pycnogenol.  Another link

I am working on immortality.  I take daily – Vitamin D3 2000 IU, Paba 1000 mg, Vitamin C 4500mg, Super B Complex, Calcium 1800 mg, Vitamin E 2000 IU, glucosamine Chondroitin, and Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement Women 50 +

Since I have thyroid disease, I am finding that something is still not right, I feel it.  According to the list (link above) I need to add somethings to my supplements.

I need to bump up Selenium, Zinc, Fish oil, and beta Carotene.  Never took Boswella or grape seed extract, but I will now.

When I am vegan and take the correct supplements I’m in my game & can bat a 1000 a day.  Thyroid disease is an every day awareness.  So I try different things but slowly, every thing in moderation and simplification.  On down days I do my research and find out what might be missing.

So now I have a new list for my daily supplements.  It goes hand in hand with daily meditation.

Light and Love


Thyroid connection

Thyroid connection

In 1998 I had to go to the hospital to drink radioactive iodine.  From that point on my life was never going to be the same.  Both of my thyroids were swallow out 3 inches from my neck.  I would have never noticed.  I had to go for a routine full physical exam in the military.  The military doctor told me I need to go to my regular doctor because I had hyperthyroidism.

Of course I made an appointment and he wanted to remove my thyroid.  I said no for 1 1/2 years. I thought there could be another way.  Because it was my body part, I was born with it, and I wanted to keep it.  They told me even in my sleep my heart was beating triple time. And, soon I would have a heart attack.  I didn’t know much about the thyroid at the time.  I like most people trusted what the doctor told me and felt I had no other choice.

I finally had the surgery.  For 14 years I took different doses of synthyroid, levothyroxine, and many other types of thyroid medication.  But nothing seemed to work.  I always felt like crap. I finally took it upon myself, since nothing was working, to do my own research.  Within that research I find that many doctors don’t know about natural thyroid medication.  Which then I began to wonder what else do they not know, when it comes to natural things that may actually help a person instead of hurting them.

The thyroid produces a hormone that controls eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, moods, and many other things that humans take for granted.  They say you don’t really know what you have until you lose it.  For many years I was very mad at that doctor for his ignorance of not knowing how to actually help his patients simply, because he had no patients in his own demeanor.  Only if he would have taken the time to actually help people, he would then have been a better doctor.

Doctors are only taught through education, which means they only follow what a medical book says.  When they do that they live the human part of the equation out, which means they forget what it means to be human.  Business has no heart, only humans have heart.

I started doing my own research into natural drugs.  Which are plants, herbs, and learning what it really means to be vegan.  If I eat what society eats, I physically get sick, simply because my body rejects toxins.  Same goes for negative energy.  If I am around negative people, my body simply starts getting sick.  The thyroid is connected to the sex glands, the pituitary, and pineal gland, they all secrete hormones. Those hormones are what makes you feel good or feel like crap.

In 2011 I started doing my own research, while I was in college.  At that time I finally found out about Armour thyroid medication.  It is a natural thyroid medication and yes you need a prescription for it.  The doctor I have now for 10 years I asked him for a prescription.  He said he had never heard of it.  So he did his research and then he gave me a prescription.  This really makes me wonder what doctors really don’t know when it comes to healing.  In my research once again everything I research doctors separate human (humanity) out of the equation when it comes to healing.

In 2011 after I did much research and getting my PhD. I learned much more than most people actually want to know.  I learned that in order to help myself I must learn to forgive myself.  When we hurt our own self, we are then hurting humanity.  We must learn to take the time to learn about taking care of our own self.  When we learn to take care of our own self is when we can learn to help others.  It is only through experience and research is how we learn.  Life is a life time of learning.  Through these experiences we can learn how to love self, which in turn we can then learn to love others.  When we see with the heart of how to forgive self, we in turn can begin to forgive others.

Basically losing my thyroid was a wakeup call.  To learned to pay attention to me.  Through this I then began to pay attention to humanity.  I notice that people constantly hurt their own selves.  Through this vision it really makes no sense to me why people constantly hurt their own selves.  But then I think back and think they no not what they do.  I was part of the problem and not the solution.  Ignorance is very detrimental to self and others.  I learned to be more mindful and no one ever taught me that.

The whole point is learning to be more mindful of self, and then you will begin to be more mindful towards others. When you learn to love all aspects of self, that is the negative and the positive parts of self, you in turn will love all of self.  When you love all of self you will then learn to love all.  All is the universal aspects of people, places, and things.

Everything starts with the heart which is the beginnings of the spirit, which is in the realms that humans know, but cannot see.  It has nothing to do with religion.  Religion is only a man-made concept of control.  Religion is big business that is tax free donations.  Business has no heart only humans have heart.

Start small baby step.  Pay attention to what you eat, hear, smell, taste, touch.  How does it make you feel??  Keep a journal or a mental note and keep a record of how does it make you feel.  Take time to learn about yourself.  If you don’t take the time you will receive a wakeup call of any assortments of aliments.

Light and Love

Gentle Waves

To know the gentle waves of passing time is through feeling the simple pleasures of gentleness.  Don’t go in for the kill or straight for the gold.

Simple pleasures are the gentle breezes of melodies that dance upon the heart like twinkling stars of gentle orbs.  Moments of peace are like paint flowing with the velocity of energy that stimulates in melodies of music.  Gentle breezes in poetry are like melodies in symphonies.  Does that gentle breeze call to you?

When I am left alone the gentle breezes of thoughts flow in majic of inspiration, like time slips by into another world.  Inspiration from life brings the simple pleasure to light.  I feel my heart grow with melodies in music.  The piano speaks to me as if I could touch it with my mind.  My fingers flow as I bring melodies to life.  Feeling the cords is like touching light with finger tips in midair.

Melodies are the music in mysteries.  Women are the mysteries that creates men longing to understand.  Women are like a muse that men can only dream of but never truly touch.  Women are strong in a gentle wave of energy as light is to a tree, that brings life forth through penetration into fascination.

When a woman is fascinated her heart lights up, her heart begins to sing a melody that is all her own.  She brings gentle breezes of air through a man’s heart.  His heart desires to touch the air she breaths but yet it is air, it slips right though his fingers.  He then asks himself what was that gentle breeze that I just felt.

It was her touching his heart with a gentle kiss.  It lights his day like a melody in a symphony that only two hearts can know.

Love and Light

Spaces Between the Rainbows

1 of 12 Chinese Astrological signs

1 of 12 Chinese Astrological signs

Can you find a moment in space between the spaces of rainbows that penetrate space?

Between each line of a rainbow is space, in that space is another color of the rainbow.  Same as between each emotion is another emotion waiting to bring forth another emotion.  It is the underneath is the space.

That space is a moment in time/space and mass/matter.  It is the same as the in and out of breath when deep breathing.  That space is where all the colors of life begin.  Colors are emotions.  Each color has a rhythmic vibrational beat, same as on musical notes on a musical scale.  That musical scale is called harmonics, same as MHz.  MHz is megahertz of how fast and how slow something is going.

Anything in the man-made concept of speed creates a color because of vibrational tones.  Each tone has a color and a number.  This is how humans can justify what they see in order to regulate in human concepts of vibrational tones.  They must put into a category of understanding, in order to comprehend vibrational tones.

Vibrational tones expand beyond human comprehension and are much louder than a dog whistle that humans cannot hear but can only feel.  A dog whistle is a much louder pitch then human ears can hear, or see, or feel, or touch or taste.  So if you can’t understand human emotions of others it simply means you cannot understand your own.  Until you truly know you, you will never understand you, which means you can never really understand anyone else.

Space exploration starts from inside self, before exploration of the galaxies, moons, stars, planets or anything outside of self.  Close your eyes and what do you see when you look at a tree, a flower, a dog, your house, your neighborhood, your clothes, and yourself?  Remember what you cannot see can hurt you more than what you can see.  This is the land of fear.  To explore self in depths is an awakening.  To awaken self (open up)to higher sense of self, through understanding self; means going in between the between to core of being.  To understand self can be fun!!!

I basically live on soundcloud, when time permits.  It is a world of untapped music of people trying to make it in the music business.  If I am happy I listen to happy music.  If I am sad I listen to romantic music with upbeat tempo.  I listen to music while painting, cooking, cleaning house, working, music from all corners of the globe.  Expansion of musical flavors creates inspiration, changes moods which changes emotion. For example: when you argue with someone just walk over and put on some music, watch the mood change.  When arguing with someone simply means you cannot control the situation, control is from the ego and ego is the 2 year old mentality.

Exploration is an adventure.  Each adventure contains the colors of life.  Colors are the emotions inside of self that penetrate outside of self.  And, this is how people view their world.  It is the perception of perceiving truth of one’s own truth.  Letting go of a situation of the past that you could not control is how you free yourself of past emotions.   Find your music in your heart by releasing past emotional attachments.  Then you are free to be who you were meant to be.

Color is the fabric of life.   Someone once told me when you are sad cry and cry some more, till you can’t cry anymore than cry some more.  It starts the healing.  We can’t change the world we can only change our own self.  Michael Jackson’s song “The Man in the Mirror” is where it all starts.  Look at yourself in the mirror, then close your eyes what do you see?  When I look at you I see love.  When I close my eyes and I look at you I see love.  My mother told me when I was young, “we always love someone, but not what they do”.  Actions speak louder than words.  But the core of that person is just love and will always be love.

When you find the love that you are, you can change your color, you can change your rhythmic beat of vibrational tones that was only meant for you.  Find your music in your heart.  Then sing it!!! Let it out!!!  We all got to start somewhere.


To make a difference in the world we must be different ;-)

To make a difference in the world we must be different, which is what I am doing with my life and always have. I find time alone in meditation, gives me time to think and find the things that make me happy and sex is the last thing on my mind. Simple, it comes from human desire, in the first chakra of the primordial body. To be an enlightened one, is to rise above the first chakra and open all chakras. I was born with all chakras open and I reside in the 8th chakra of the spirit realm, while in physical form on earth.

Physical form is basically a spirit that has come to earth to experience life.  Earth is the 3d 3rd dimension in time/space and mass matter of the physical realm.  Physical realm is the human 5 senses, to experience emotions on a physical level.  Nothing new, history always repeats itself.  Self-lives through many life times on earth in order to learn love lessons, it is called karma.  Love lessons are called tough love.  We go through life getting bumps and bruises on our emotions and that is what life is all about.  Our spirit is destined to repeat through physical primordial body the lessons not learned, until self learns the lessons it was meant to learn. The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

I always say I’m in twilight light zone in ground hog day.  There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts.  Memories brought forth from past experiences, is just like relieving that experience again, but in a dream state.  That state is a state of being in that moment in time.  It is the past but that memory lives on in your state of being.   Things that happened in; that moment in time creates a new state of awareness today.  It brings that emotion back to life as if you were reliving that moment in time.  Point is – if it was negative why relive something that makes you unhappy, depressed or any negative feeling.
Humans were born to be happy through learning experiences of their own path of soul destiny.  A floating soul is a soul that does not know their own path of destiny.  So they in turn cling to others paths of destiny.  That is called fate.  When the soul knows its own path of destiny, it is no longer floating because it knows its own path of destiny, which is called destiny.

I knew my path of destiny from the moment of birth in 3d 3rd dimension.  Why in the world would a person want to relive in the negative or positive, simply because they have yet to learn the in between, which is the space.  Understanding the space in each moment in time is seeing with 3rd eye chakra.

The bridge between the pituitary gland and the pineal gland is the bridge called the god neuron.  Start at the heart chakra; move up the body to the center of the brow.  Start at the god neuron and move to down to the brow.  Where these two lines meet is at the 3rd eye chakra.  The only way to access is through meditation.  It is going in between the between to the core of being.

Negative thoughts around the world are creating the dark matter in space.  The holographical umbilical cord.  Is the flying heart that is connected with the tentacles/fractals that is connect to the matrix. The matrix is the space in one’s own mind.  I told my doctor once the world is 98% psychosomatic and 2% dna/genes.  DNA genes are what you are born with.  Psychosomatic is what you create with thoughts. The body only follows what the mind tells it to.  Choose your thoughts you choose your world.

I love life and life loves me.  Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve, it’s that simple.  Flip the switch of riding the love wave of ups and downs, and find you within self.  Only you can change by flipping the switch called the love wave and learn to love you for who you are.  You are love!!!!!

Find your rhythmic rhythm in life and you find your music that makes your heart smile ;-)

Light and Love

The Infinity of Infinite Self

The Infinity of Infinite Self

Buy from Amazon

Vibrations Create Obscurities

It’s the random vibration that creates obscurities. Find the focal point to follow the path.

Obscurities are the fabric of life, which are the fractals (tentacals). Finding the focal point is ones own path of destiny.

The obscurities are the obstacles we create within our own thoughts.  If we focus on the negative we will then receive the negative in life.  Finding one’s own path of destiny is through the soul purpose.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

Learning to listen to one’s own spirit, which is the higher form of self, will bring self back onto the path of destiny.  The destiny in learning how to love self, through love lessons, is called tough love.  It’s tough learning how to reconnect mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self love.

Release the obscurities, through letting it be free, release it.  To release it is through learning to love self.


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