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Sanctuary – Sanctity of Tranquility

Through out human history sanctuary is considered a sacred place.

Finding a sanctuary place on earth is easy to find in a book called -

Mythology – The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and Storytelling.

Many moons ago, someone asked me, what do you want for Christmas, I said this book.

The stories, the pictures, the colors, and the energy that comes from different cultures around the world are fantastic!!!

To understand what sanctuary means in many cultures around the world, is to step into their world.

Sanctuary around the world is connection through energy that brings life.

To visit your own sanctuary is to just make a short trip inside of your self.  It is a wonderland of energy you have provided for you.

Sanctuary starts with peace of mind in the mental body.  Then travels down the road called the physical body of being.  Then slips into the world of the emotional body of being.  The collections of all the energies of those 3 bodies of being are then stored, into the spiritual body of being, for future reference in the next life time.

Sanctuary is but merely a place of sanctity of tranquility.  Tranquility is the same as – AKA – where you hang your hat is your home, or a different flavor of thought, home is where your heart is.  A house is just a house when the heart is not home.

What is your spark that leads you on the road to your tranquility?


Sea Foam Green

Today is seafoam green puff paint.  The first time I saw the majic that puff paints do, I was in a world of WOW!!!  Puff paints make everything 3D.

In the land of chakras – green is the heart chakra.  It is the 4th chakra of the human body.

There are many different types of meditations and yogas to activate the heart chakra.

It is the subtle energies of consciousness that lives within each chakra, which is then activated through the emotional body of being.

I fell in love with the world of puff paints!!!

Look at the world from a different light.  Look at the world from within.  Look at the world with a new pair of eyes, the third eye chakra.

We all have human 5 senses, but sometimes one of those senses are taken away, because we become mindless.

Anyone that only uses one sense (human eye) too much, universal energy will take it away.  It is to teach – to much or too little of anything will create – unbalance within the 4 bodies of being.

This is called tough love.  It is tough for you to learn how to love all of you.

From time to time I do practice walking in the dark in my house.  Simply because I want to understand what it would be like if I were to ever become blind.  To me its kind of like preventive maintenance.  I want to be prepared, so if the situation may arise, it will be less of a shock.

I do practice with all my 5 senses and I do it through still mind meditation.  I do love 936mhz meditition.  After meditation certain energies are then awake and awareness is then open.  Which then gives me a direction, to see which color is then the vibration of a particular energy needed within each painting.

Each swirl of fractal in the power source painting, sends energy of seafoam green, among many other colors.  In the swirls of fractals lives the energy of color.  The colors are the vibrations of life.  Each person chooses which color they bring into life through the emotional body of being in the world of attachment.

Instead of saying I do like this or I don’t like this.  Try on a new flavor and say I like this, but I prefer that.  Habits take time to perfect within the world of consciousness.  And guess what, it will take just as long if not longer to break a habit, the more someone is into a beaten path of stubbornness to break a habit, hahaha!!!

So what is your flavor of color today ;-)


Melodies of Bliss

Everyday is an adventure.

Smack in the middle of chaos, do you hear the melodies of bliss?

Each moment in time is a blessing.  A connection of hearts.

Time will pass, years down the road,

was it really that important to miss the melodies of bliss?


Smiles :-)

Find the symphony of energy in your heart today,

and share some smiles they are contagious :-)

Wonderment of Innocence

stars 11 17 2014


Step back in time for just a moment.  It’s a beautiful day outside, you are very young, and you look out the window as a new day is emerging on the scene called life.  As your mind begins to wonder, where do all the stars come from, as they are fading away as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.  You have wonderment of innocence, as you are amazed as all the little stars begin to fade away, because the light becomes so bright from the new sun.

Each day we live in a world of wonderment of innocence same as you, when you were young.  When you were young the world told you how things work.  They work by telling you to put away childish things that do not help you progress in the world.  The world of tangibles like money, for some odd reason you begin to believe what all the grown-ups say.  That everyday wonderment slowly disappears, same as those stars when you were young.

This is what children around the world begin to believe as they lose their innocence of wonderment.  The years roll by and in the blink of an eye you are much older.  The stars no longer speak to you, because, your heart can no longer hear them.  Your heart is all grown up now.  Because, you are all grown up now you begin to fill your mind with what if games.  The only – what if I did this could I change the past and make it better now, and  maybe my job will get better, or maybe my marriage will have a new life of happiness, etc.  The what if game in one’s own mind take control, because the world said let go of the wonderment.

People are all grown up and they forget about the wonderment of innocence.  In a child’s mind it is important those little questions that need answered with love.  When a child sees and is told that all the stars for example, are scientifically explained, all the wonderment and innocence begins to fade.  The disconnection has begun.  As the child then grows up the innocence is lost in the world they live in called society.  This is the world of hustle and bustle of the business world.  Sure the child is an adult now and does what society tells that child to do, because that child is now an adult.  Now a product of society, basically a drone, basically a disconnection of heart from the world of wonderment and the toys are put away and replaced with responsibilities.

Do those responsibilities basically kill wonderment?  This is the moment that many will choose substance in life, because responsibilities become over whelming.   That child inside each and every single adult did not get their needs filled of the wonderment, in order to grow in personal growth.  In the world of adults substance, is then what is called a bad thing, simply because it turns into an addiction.

The question then remains.  If a child is able to keep wonderment alive at the same time understanding the world of morals, values, and ethics in the adult world of responsibility, would then the child have a chance to grow in personal growth, in the direction of that own child’s purpose as a spiritual being in this life time?

Bottom line – when you look at a child, do you see that child’s heart of wonderment and innocence, so that child can grow in happiness or responsibilities the way you see life?


Psychedelic Sunday

power source 001-001

Power Source

I noticed since I was a very young child, the interconnectedness of all is color.  When you are a kid you look through a kaleidoscope and you turn the tube to make the colors move.

In nature colors changes with trees, animals, clouds, and everything that is natural.  The changes come about through the elements of microbes.  Each microbe within fibers make eye candy in the kaleidoscope world.

The ultimate best part is when colors dance and sing, etc.  Such as costumes, etc.

A natural meditative state of being is in the kaleidoscope world.  In a meditative state of being the kaleidoscope music (psychedelic music) plays rich rhythmic beats of vibrations.  It is the world that one can active ones own dmt naturally.

The dmt is 5 chemicals up from core.  DMT is called the god neuron.   To do this you must understand, to activate dmt is through natural substance called meditation.  Any un-natural substance that is man made will have long term side effects in which most will then collect a substance abuse.  Technically a substance abuse is thus chasing a dream of an un-natural high.  Bottom line any type of substance – man made drugs or thoughts – will have ultimate repercussions of side effects, that will have long lasting un-healthy benefits that will turn into a chronic disease.  No rocket science there!!!

Bottom line – to exist in the natural highest state of being in one’s own highest state of existence, is to step into ones own core of being and find ones own colors.  The colors are the emotional body of being, which then illuminates out of core and flows through the chakras, and illuminates the world outside of self called the auric zone.

I have been meditating since I was very, very young.  To me the colors of life are always dancing.  I see the vibrations of tones that stimulate from music, people, buildings, anything in 3d 3rd dimension.  I guess that’s why when I got my last aura picture 4 years ago, the lady told me – what ever you are doing keep it up, because all your chakras are open and have you ever thought about being a healer.  I said no, but why not, hahaha!!

Keep chakras open really is a piece of cake.  Just have to learn about your own self in order to release the energy of toxins that 98% stimulate from one’s own mind in the subconscious of consciousness.  Perception of perceiving one’s own truth will stimulate the emotional body of being, which will then have the after effects called auric colors.

It is called the universal law of cause and effect.  Really simple, when you discover the universal laws that are natural in 3d 3rd dimension, of earths physical realms of existence in the human 5 senses.

It is super fantastic to watch all the colors of life dance right before your eyes!!! Sure everybody lives in the world of “have to make a living to survive” – but really in reality who wants to dwell on that, really where is the fun in that.  Bottom line if it’s not fun what is the point!!!  Dwelling is stagnant Chi and the universe says – stop that and behave yourself.  If you don’t I will give you something to really think about.  Then low and behold, guess what you just got sick.  Point – keep that energy flowing, it is natural and mandatory in 3d 3rd dimension,

Learn what makes your heart smile, what makes your heart dance, and when you do, you let your spirit come out to play.  Find the colors in your realms of existence.  Stop caring about you letting you be you, that is what you are suppose to do in 3d 3rd dimension.  Stop caring what other people think of you.  They are not in control of your destiny – only you are.  These are the facts presented from the universe to you.  The universe is called energy.  Let your energy flow in the realms of color which has been activated through your own dmt.

Technically the only rules of color is within ones own mind of consciousness.  I enjoy all the flavors of color.  Color dances constantly in meditation through meditation music.  Each beat is a tone of fractal color.  A fractal color is a combo of several colors.  Which stimulates from core.

As I am painting Power Source while listening to psychedelic music, it is a meditative state of being.  It is self letting self be at one with self.  Take time for your own self so that you can find your colors.  Still mind means stop thinking and just let the energy flow from you through you, out of you and then it comes back to you, and flows through you again.  The constant flow of energy is the colors that come from your own DMT, that you have created.

Still mind meditation is just that – still mind – stop thinking and just feel the energy.  The minute a thought comes in your head, just say stop and go back to being.  STOP DOING AND START BEING!!!!




Back drop of time

I heard this song, and my heart just spoke.


The back drop of time,

is where we find,

the sea of emotions that are left behind.

Can you see the dying light that once stood behind the bleachers?

The epic time that once lived of paths that flow into now

The sea of energy that lights your day when it is night,

Time is but an energy,

We hold so dearly in our hearts,

Of yesteryear,

Then we look in the mirror.

Where has time gone.

The back drop flows to far behind,

Was it just a dream or a reality of you and me?

I guess your heart flowed to me,

When time was young,

And we could see, time was only you and me.

Can you still hear the waves of the sea,

That called you to me?

The sea of love once lived in the back drop of time,

That was destined to find, two hearts that became one

In yesteryear so long ago, that was once a beautiful world,

That I was so lucky to find a heart to call mine,

As we intertwined two energies in land and sea,

And the earth stood still, at that brief moment.

When I kissed you heart and you kissed mine.

The back drop of time is but only a memory,

In the sea of emotions left behind.

I still hear your heart from time to time.

I send you love where ever you may be,

I wish you petals of love,

Where ever you lay your head at night.

Always remember no matter where you are,

The stars are our blanket, yours and mine,

And the moon is our night-light.

Love is but a memory that will always live

With only two hearts as one

in back drop of time,

is where we find,

the sea of emotions that are left behind.



Straight up ear candy at it’s finest, hahaha, BOOOOOM!!!


Turn up the speakers!! I have surround sound on my computer ;-)


Lovely Friday

It is a lovely Friday in the realms of the western world :-)

I have taken the day off work to mentally prepare.  I am listening to


while painting Power Source.

The whole point of meditation in any form of meditation is to have a purpose.  My purpose is personal growth on a daily basis, simply because there is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow.  Yesterday is simply karmic baggage left over and learning how to progress in personal growth today.  Tomorrow is but a thought of wishful thinking.  It floats around in the brain and can make one insane, when one is unaware of the path that one has chosen.  It is the present moment that many miss out on in life, 3d 3rd dimension.

To ponder, is but to only ask a question through higher self within higher self.

Thought for the day -

To transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, within the confines of the fundamental mechanics that life presents before human eyes; to what direction should the energy of my being flow and for what purpose?  These are but simple thoughts within the complexities of infinite self.

In a discuss I had with my mother this am, I want to help her to understand life in present moment.  In the scientific world the only proof science sees is through double blind studies in a control environment.  But in nature the controlled environment is controlled by natural forces that are blind to human eyes, simply because their minds are closed to possibilities.  To control anything is basically trying to be the parent, in which we all know, no one wants to be told what to do.  We all must earn respect, we can never demand respect.  It is the same in nature as in the human mind set of the unseen world within consciousness of the intangibles.

These are simple conversations that I have with my mother so that she receives a new awakening of present moment, that has now opened another door within consciousness.

The keys are the questions that open the doors once closed in consciousness.  When you find the correct keys, it is because you have found the correct questions.  The keys fall into the category of the 4 quadrants of understanding.

Back to meditation to prepare.  I love art!!! hahaha ;-)

Have a wonderful day in the land of possibilities ;-)


My first art booth

Friday 14th 2014, is going to be a big day for me in the land of art.  It will be my very first art booth in person.  Very nervous of course.  It will be a trial run for next months art competition.

In the early 90′s I entered a city art competition.  After two weeks I was told, they could not judge my art and would have to change the rules.  Only thing I thought is that’s is not fair.

So I did my research.  Any art competition that is put on by any city nation wide is connected to the art guild.  The art guide is the big leagues when it comes to the art world!!!  They are the art critics in the art world.  They know what type of brush you use, what kinda strokes you use, what number the brush is, if you paint hard or soft, the list goes on.  It is like the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and all the greats.

So I was determined to be a city art competition.  I use to make pottery many years ago and always wanted to have one of those big statues in front of one of those office buildings.  To be able to have one of your pieces in front of a building is a dream come true.

I got away from art for many years, until my spirit told me in March 2014 it is time to draw and paint fractal animals.  I really had no ideal what in the world a fractal animal was, let along make one.  I listen to tons of music, more then most humans. I threw away my tv over 6 years ago, it was a waste of time for me.

I entered My first art competition on line in July and I won.  I won with Fractal Goat.  It ran on line from August through September 2014.


When I listen to the music it is music meditation.  On one particular day I was listening to music and I picked up a pencil and started sketching.  I began sketching my first Fractal animal named Tressence.  Tressence is a Fractal Frog.  Fractal animals are a combo of Chinese Feng Shui animals and Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.  There are 17 animals in all and the series is called Kaleidoscope meet Fractalious.  It is truly the most fun I have ever had creating these animals by hand!!!

One day in September my mom tells me there is an art competition for the city and you should check it out.  I thought why bother, they will just say the same thing, because to me people are not ready for my art.  The art is basically for the book.  Just having a ton of fun making them.  So I entered and believe me I was so excited when I got notice I was excepted in October 2014!!!

So each day I have always grown in personal growth to be better person than I was the day before.  Finally after 20 years a dream came true to be in a city art competition.  Even if I don’t win first place, in my heart I know I did cause I finally made it to the big leagues :-)  I never had an art lesson in my life and I will be up against professionals, probably with years of experience.

I just hope everybody sends me wishes of good luck and thank you.  Blessings :-)

When 2014 is over art will get put on the back burner, so I can get back into training and a vegan lifestyle :-)



Dr. Juanita Lewis

Dr. Juanita Lewis

To discover and understand, transcending the transparency of consciousness, of the most fantastic life force ever known. To communicate with organic life within consciousness and present knowing through the 5 senses. To let the energies of life flow in and out of life. Light and Love

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