It takes time to discover self

It takes time to discover self

When I was younger my mother was a fanatic about colors.  No matter what you were wearing all the tones had to be the same color.  Everything had to match. Shoes, jewelry, shirt, hat, pants, everything had to be the same tones.  We lived in a house once where you walked into the kitchen and the walls, appliances, floors, door, and everything in that kitchen was a bright orange.  Talk about blinding.  She is into earth tones.

Earth tones are deep colors.  The living room same, but brown.  Brown walls, furniture, appliances, ceiling, and even the floor.

It use to drive her crazy, because all I see is rainbow.  To me the more color the better.  So I would wear a purple top, jeans, red hat, different colors of jewelry, different colored sandals with white socks :-)  She would shake her head back and forth.  To be focused on one particle of life is like the living dead.

I started abstract painting in 2014 and she can now see all colors go together.  It is not the hues it is the tones in the colors that make them flow together in synchronicity.

The tones in color is exactly the same as the tones in music.  It is the vibrations which produce colors in numbers, objects, and everything that is tangible in 3D 3rd dimension.  Science now has a word for what I already knew from the day I was born.  Easy pezy – piece of cake.

The technical term Synesthesia. History – color hearing dates back to Greek antiquity.


Status update

Just a status update.  In case some where not aware, my post first were about beyond spirituality, and then spirituality.  As with most things in life, people can talk about something to death and then it falls upon deaf ears.  Which is when people learn to take things for granted.

Living in the same path and same way of thinking in one’s own life, one then receives same results.  Things do not change in a person’s life until they themselves change thought patterns and things begin to change.

People have told me all my life, “you are always into something”.  They say that because I am constantly creating.  Creating to me is like water and air, have to have it!!!

Since March 2014 it is now all about art, music, and literature.  I incorporate spirituality into those 3 items and give it a new life form.  It will take about 3 years to paint all the characters for the book series since there are over 60 characters.  I listen to music constantly and learning the bpms combined with Mhz and frequencies.

Anyone can go to school to learn, but life is the biggest teacher of all.

Perfecting a skill is the 3 P’s process.  That is with any trade around the world.  To be the best you can be and grow in personal growth daily is one of the keys to happiness.


The 3 P’s can create morals, values, and ethics

The 3 P’s can create morals, values, and ethics –

The 3 P’s can create morals, values, and ethics.  The 3 P’s – Perseverance, Persistence, and Patients.

At what standards do morals, values, and ethics pertain to who’s burning desire?  A person can be good, or the best, or the master at the perfection of the 3 P’s depending upon one’s morals, values, and ethics.

What is the driving force behind a burning desire?  Which then brings us into the 5 W’s – who, what, where, when, why.

Is the driving force of burning desire from present lifetime or from past lifetimes?  Is the burning desire a standard of man-made concepts?  Which then falls under the line of fate or destiny.

Fate – to follow someone else’s destiny and it begins to blend with one’s own destiny.  Core of being rejects anything that is the opposite of one’s own destiny, when the rejection begins small particles of energy seep into the 4 bodies of being.  The rejection is – core of being notifies through communication of intelligence [unaware by human man-made concepts to human], this not your destiny to self.  Which is when awareness begins and patterns begin to change, simply because energy has changed.  Energy is everything.  Fate is the universes way of saying, “that is not you”.

Destiny – to follow one’s own destiny is a pre-ordained path that is set before birth.  A natural gift is brought forth from previous lifetimes into each life time.

The adventure of each lifetime is to discover one’s own natural gifts.  Through perseverance, persistence and patients self-awareness becomes the evident of natural gifts.  If burning desire is the driving force behind the 3 P’s time is the key factor.

3D 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.  More senses develop when one has traveled into 4D 4th dimensions in the astro plane of existence.  The 4D 4th dimensions is the beginning of existence of natural gifts.

This is a rough draft and may be the continueaiting book, named – Is Anyone Home up Stairs, continuation of The Infinity of Infinite Self.  Is Anyone Home up Stairs, refers to the different levels of consciousness within the human brain.

On a side note – all washers eat papers and all dryers eat socks.  My goodness who knows which machine eats the shoe strings, Hahaha!! They tell me machines are supposed to help people and how is it helping when they eat my stuff!!

Just sayn