Frackmicology 5N1 on Kindle

Frackmicology 5N1 on Kindle

I was one of those kind of kids that was constantly active.  I was what you would call a klutz and always falling down, etc.  I think its one of those things you inherit, because my mother was the same way and she still is.  I grew out of it, but she never did.

I have been a landscaper for over 20 years now, straight up piece of cake!!  I had a co-worker once say, “she does not let grass grow under her feet”, hahaha!! In the landscaping business, it is all about time.  Get in, get r done, and get out!!  Time is money and have to be quick and efficient.

Pretty much when it comes to universal law – Cause and Effect.

It is the action of thought that will cause an effect from the thought.  A thought is action.  Even if a person does not act upon a thought, it is still a thought of action.  The universe always sees the opposite.  If a person then dwells upon a thought, they are in turn creating – to give life to that thought.  The more a person thinks about it, the more it will come true.

We always get what we want, but not how we want it, because we really didn’t know what we really wanted in the first place.  Example:  I wanted my book in paper back.  I got what I wanted, but it was in Germany.  Holy molly, oh my goodness, really, oh wow!!!!  As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”, hahaha!!

So, I tell my mom, that when I was looking up words for the mathematical equations on Bing and Google for the book, I found a lot of words in German, French, and Chinese, and I only speak English.  When I did a search last night for the book on Amazon, it was in German.

I choose the opposite of dwelling.  Dwelling takes too much energy and I have too many other things to do.  To hang on to a particular energy, is then telling the universe I want this to happen, at no matter the cost.  The cost can come in the form of Mental, Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual energy.  I did not have enough energy to hang on to something that would be a set back in personal growth.

Went to bed and next morning checked many emails.  I had forgotten about the book.  And there was an email from Amazon, “your book is now published”.  Guess what, it is in English, hahaha!!

There you go!! Life is good again.

When I was a kid growing up and falling down all the time.  I would go show her my cuts and such to my mom.  She would say, “Go outside and sit on a rock and sun will make it all better”.  I guess it worked, or I got really bored, and found other things to do!!!  So to this day, to waste energy on anything that is the opposite of personal growth, keeps that energy alive.

Everything is born with a certain amount of Chi.  When Chi is done we are done.  The Chi is then recycled for new life.


Frackmicology 5N1 on Amazon.

It took some time to figure out how to create the book Frackmicology 5N1 on Amazon.  But, it will finally be published tomorrow.  Not quite sure why the search came up in Germany.

Oh well, another challenge to conquer hahahaha!!


Everyday is an adventure – Knowledge is Power

Everyday is an adventure – it is the emotional attachments that makes something become tangible.   We pick and choose which emotional attachment to have with each experience.  That choice can be either be Karmic Baggage (debit) or Karmic Credit.

From a girl that grew up in the ghetto, to now writing and publishing books is absolutely fantastic!!! When I was 12 years old I wanted to read all the library books in the library, to gain all the knowledge.  When I was 20 years old and in college I wanted to read all the library books in all the libraries in all the world, to gain all the knowledge.

To gain all that knowledge, is a stepping stone to producing fantastic books in order to win a Nobel Literate prize. It is a dream I have had since I was 12 years old.  To win that prize, I would then feel as if I did a small part, in making a difference in the world.

I truly hated school growing up!!  I quit school {formal education} after grade 8.  At age 18 years old, I went back to school, I worked real hard and received my GED all the way to my PhD.  The whole point of a PhD. is to publish books.

Now I make music mixes for the books.  I want the books to come alive and pop!!!

I just upload a few Indie Musicals on Jango.


2 music mixes from Fractalious on radio airplay.

2 music mixes from Fractalious on airplay.

On March 7th the music mixes album, for the book is on iTunes –

2 music mixes from that album is on internet radio as of today -

This is so much fun!!! hahaha

WOW!! it is super cool hearing your music on the radio!! I’m still amazed, hahaha!!

Super Cool!!


Glowing Entity {Angel}

Scene – Frixie and Traessence are over looking a hill and discover the illuminated house that Shawanisha was born in. As they watch the house a glowing entity appears out of no where in front of them. They are excited and scared at the same time.
I am an Indie publisher creating Indie musicals {music videos}.
Book series 5N1. Setting year 3050, universe #23, planet #3.
I sketch and paint by hand fractal animals, characters, and scenes. There are 17 fractal animals and 60 characters in the book series 5N1.…………


A small sample of Egyptian, Celtic, and Mayan astrology.

World astrology falls under the line of world mythology.  World astrology is a collection of basically personality types attached to different signs.

A small sample of Egyptian, Celtic, and Mayan astrology.

The more research a person does about themselves inside and outside, the more they will begin to understand self.




Frack = fractal micro fibers of life.  Mic = micro of macro of big picture.  Ology = study of something.

FRACKMICOLOGY 5N1 paper back book contains all 3 eBooks.

1) The Universe Is Calling You + 2) 5N1 First Flight + 3) 5N1 1st Adventure = FRACKMICOLGY 5N1.

The cover of the book comes from the painting, 3 Funnels.  It is the moment when the soul has to choose which funnel to take.