There are 2 trees – 1) Tree of life, 2) Tree of knowledge

According to man-made concepts, there are 2 schools of thought.

There are 2 trees – 1) Tree of life, 2) Tree of knowledge.

Tree of life is acceptance of things that can not be changed.

Tree of knowledge is to question things that can not be changed.

Tree of life – good

Tree of knowledge – bad.

To question – is then to question the hierarchy of cosmic consciousness.  To question is then to undermined the hierarchy of ego within the confines of 3d 3rd dimension within connections.  To question is to step on the ego, which then creates hurt.

Some parents believe – do as I say, not as I do.  To do something is to set an example.  Actions always speak louder than words.

Choose your thoughts, choose your words, choose wisely.


Fractal Families Bad

Just uploaded music on soundcloud.  The introduction to the fractal family bad.

There are 5 bad fractal families, 4 members in each family – Dad, mom, son, and daughter.

Book 5N1

Music video introduction to bad fractal families.


Suddle changes are debts that one creates

Suddle changes are debts that one creates

Everything changes at a drop of a hat, but it is so suddle that people become immune to changes.  Then that change becomes apart of everyday life.  That is how a groove, a pattern begins in a human behavioral patterns.  That change becomes a part of a personality.

It’s the little things that go un-noticed, such as dust, that change you instead of you changing it.  Dust is particles of living breathing organic life forms.  All of the sudden you might get what is called allergies.  But, the kicker is – the dust has always been there, you just did not notice – that is a form of mindlessness.  To be unaware of living breathing organic life forms that are invisible to the human eye.

As the saying goes – what you can not see can hurt you more then the things you can see.  It is a matter of a behavioral pattern that has taken control of matter over mind, instead of mind over matter.  You – your mind is aware of things un-seen.  But, as a human being totally relying upon one’s own eyes as a form of living in a particular behavioral pattern, one misses out on much of life.

Changing a behavioral pattern is way easier then it changing you.

When my daughter was growing up, she use to say, “mom you are like Martha Stewart”.  Because I loved to create a sanctuary in my home.  A place of roots for my family.

Key – do you keep same pattern of human behavioral pattern even after children have grown, or do you make changes.  Changes will change you when you least expect them to.  Except, when you know they are coming and you plan accordingly.  I knew the day when each of my children were born, that at a particular age they would leave home.  Because, at that point they knew the morals, values, and ethics of what life has to offer.  They in turn were prepared for suddle changes, when changes took place.

I am a Gemini, my daughter is a Scorpio, and my son is a Taurus.  As a mother is was very important to understand their past karmic debts from past lives, in order to help them grow as a human being to their full potential in this life time.  A parent can not teach love if a parent has never learned what love is.  Bottom line – we pick our parents in each life time, it is under soul contracts before coming to 3D 3rd dimension.

Basically when children grow up it is time for change.  Change of how you decorate the outside and the inside of self.  It is a time of renewal to be acquainted with self.  My children are now in their 30’s. I am super happy growing into a different person everyday.

When you have learned to be prepared of suddle changes then you are ahead of the game called life.


Present Moment of Existence

The waking state of being is the dream state of being in abstract.

The dream state of being is the waking state of being in abstract.

The 2 states of being as one – is being in present moment.

Bringing 2 states of being as one, is the same as –

Bringing the knowledge of intellect into human thoughts that create spherical essence in abstract, that creates a world of illusion.  While simultaneously understanding state of being in dream state as reality, that becomes tangible.  Tangible is the human 5 senses that create a world of reality within one’s own mind.

In the waking state of being one can not walk through walls.  In dream state of being one can walk through walls.  Same as in waking state of being one does not see purple dogs, but in dream state of being one sees purple dogs.  Who is in control you or your mind?  If you are in control of your mind, then you have closed doors within the mind of existence.  If your mind is in control of you, then doors of existence are open.

For example – you are walking along and all of the sudden you trip, you skin your knee.  You get up and look back to see what tripped you.  You see a pebble.  You think bad pebble for hurting me.  So you go along in life and forget about that pebble.  But guess what, pebbles show up all the time in life, just in a different form.  It is a lesson from your subconscious telling you to open your mind, and see a different reality, the one you have forgotten about.

Choose your existence and choose wisely.


Pen Recorder

Well I have been told, that if you really want something you have to share.

All last year I wanted a pen recorder. You can get them on amazon.  They are not much $, but $ is not the point.  The point is, if the object of desire is to come to me, it comes from the universe, because it is something I am meant to have.

I did not tell anyone I wanted one.  I never expected a person to give one.  I was just testing the waters to see if it would just appear, like on my front door or something, hahaha.

1 + 2 = 3. 1)knowing what you want, 2)path traveled to get what you want, 3)end result of what you wanted.  You always get what you want, but not how you wanted it, because you really did not know what you wanted.  You did not know what you really wanted – meaning must be specific.  It’s a lot of work mentally thinking of all the details on a particular desire.

The reason to want a pen recorder, is because when I mow most of my thoughts come in waves of speed.  The humming of the engine puts me into a state of meditation.  The mower takes 2 car batteries, so it is a big engine.  The mower is a Jacobsen HR9000 series.

Speed is essential when mowing acres.  I want to be the first female national gang mower racer!!! hahaha!!!  I am so ready.  Some of the teachers say they want to clock my speed, hahaha!!!  I get in trouble for speeding at work, hahaha!  Crack up the turbo please ;-)


Slip Slip Pop

Does the  sky seem to fall down, when all the bubbles have popped?

Bubbles are hope.

The brightest ships in life are the inspirations that create the remembrance of love.

To touch a heart is the best gift anyone could ever receive.

What you give you shall receive.

One of my favorite stories is chicken little. :-)

New video – Slip Slip Pop

Everyday is a blessing.


5N1 – Video

5N1 – Video

Scene – Shawanaisha is sleeping in her crib and she begins to have a nightmare. Characters – Skaville, Slirench and fractal characters make an appearance in the dream.
Book 5N1, setting year 3050, universe #23, planet #3.
Children’s pop-up book with music.
I sketch and paint by hand fractal animals, characters, and scenes for book 5N1.

Everyday is a blessing

Another Fun Filled Fine Fantastic day!!!

Another Fun Filled Fine Fantastic day!!!

Seems as though people some times choose particular words to convey a message to others. Sometimes people get stuck on those words.

Seems as though the F bomb has really taken over in certain vocabulary.  I find that getting stuck on a particular word creates a stuck mind, a stuck way of thinking, which creates a stuck lifestyle.

Instead of the F bomb, I find other F words to change the vocabulary, which changes attitude, which changes thought pattern……

I do say Friggn, or freak this or that.  For example – Friggn machine won’t start!! or Freak, did that just really happen, unbelievable!! or Did you just Freakn see that!!! hahaha

Instead of saying I don’t like this or that, I say I prefer this over that.

One of my co-workers the other day said, “you have turrets, with the word really.”  I never noticed till he said it.

The word really can be used in so many different context, it is amazing!!  Instead of thinking negative or saying negative thoughts I use the word really, in it’s place.

My favorite is – Really unbelievable!! as I shake my head back and forth, wondering how some people actually make it through life sometimes, because they forgot to use their brains.  And then I laugh!!!

I find that people are very hilarious, when they forget to use their brains!!!  Like when people go to the store and leave their product on top of the car, then drive away.  I just shake my head and say, oh my goodness, really!! really!! hahaha

Find new words instead of the F bomb!!


Interview for The Universe Is Calling You

Holidays are great for playing catch up.

I’m about 2 years behind in doing an interview for my first book.  Just finished it to day.


Frixie N Illumination – Music and Video

Lovely day in the land of possibilities.

Everyday is a day of personal growth.

New Mix

New Video




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