Being yourself creates the best of both worlds

Being yourself creates the best of both worlds.

The internal world of archetypes (positive and negative) is the landscape of good/bad, heaven/hell, black/white, etc.  And, once again man-made concepts that provokes the illusion of who you think you are. And, as we all know it creates self-esteem, self-worth, and self-love.

Being yourself is to learn how to say no.  Say to yourself will it really matter in 50 + years from now what other people see me as, or is it more important how you see yourself.

Power only has faith.  No faith then no power.  Keep your power.


Every Single Person

Every single person in the world is a student and a teacher.

Every single person that comes into our lives is a student and a teacher.  Every single person is brought into our awareness as a reflection of where we are in the emotional body of being.  It is two energies that create a new energy to grow in personal growth.

That includes blood family and non-blood family.  We are all blood in one species on planet earth.