Madefire Anime

Just learned Madefire is working on new tools.  So looking forward to having The Universe Is Calling You in anime.

I am working on the scenes now.




Poems come

and poems go,

the one that stays

will love you so.

The poem, this is and was will always be

for you and me.

Poems are moments in time,

they slip through our fingers,

when we unwind.

We relax by the hands of time,

we drift into the poems

that frees our minds.

The poems are songs of love,

that touches many,

but frees just one.

Poems come

and poems go.

But one thing is true,

I will always love you.

One in the same

The colors of love are such a mystery same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.

The colors of love on the color spectrum beyond human eyes can see same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.

Life and death are one in the same, because death is a new birth, same as Metaphysics.

Humans are taught to fear what they do not know.

Which; then becomes a part of the human psych.

When someone is afraid, the first thing that comes to my mind is – “they know not what they do”.

To miss out on life is the same as missing out on the colors of life, same as missing out on Metaphysics.

Metaphysics to some is called the philosophy of life.  Metaphysics is technically a new name for the word love.

To love your self is to discover what you do not know about yourself same as Metaphysics.

They are one in the same.


10 highly desired skills

Personal growth always comes in handy when you least expect it.

Learning something new everyday, is personal growth and becoming a better person than you were the day before.

I love setting goals for myself.  When you complete them, you feel a kid in first grade and want to hang your picture on the refrigerator ;-)


Researching dimension designs for a cover for a dj.

I love the hypercube design :-)

While listening to tones of music

Burning Desire

Burning Desire

In the 7 laws of money, Carl Jung said, “If it’s a good thing the money will come”.

I truly have had a burning desire for 20 years to be in an art competition for the city.  The city art competitions in any city nationwide are connected to the Art Guild.  The Art Guild is the top notch for professional artist.

What makes this competition so special, is my first art competition in a different city, I was told they could not judge my art, and they would have to change the rules.  Plus I have never taken an art class in my life.  So to make it to the big league took a lot of work, with no instructor helping me with my goal.

You really got to believe in yourself to make your goals happen.  Some call it the law of attraction.  I call it a burning desire.  Because, this is one of the things I was meant to do.

My art is natural and for my next book.  The book is an adventure of a boy’s life.  The books I write and will write are also a burning desire of the things I was meant to do in this life time.

To create a lifestyle within a lifestyle of a social network of cultures, within a culture is a culture within its own self.  It is a lifestyle within the realms of energy of past, present, and future life times.

I will be in two art competitions in person.  Attached is the links to those events.  If you happen to pass through the City of Mesa, stop by and take a peek.

All my art is located on

The book is fun, the art is fun, but the purpose is a burning desire to bring smiles to children’s hearts.




The world of education comes in a variety of influences.  These influences turn into flavors.  These flavors are what we like and dislike in world of taste.  Each world is a world to that particular person according to that persons taste.

Each person has a particular taste to a certain degree of flavor.

For example: if your taste in music tends towards a certain genre, then you will listen to that flavor of music.  Also, depending upon your astrology number, you will gravitate towards a particular type of tone.  Example: if you are a number 4 you will gravitate towards heavy metal.

Music has a richness all its own.  Music comes in a variety of colors.  When I am at one with nature the music is very beautiful.  Taking time to be at one with nature is a discovery of education that each will discover.  No human words need be spoken.  Nature will speak to you as you are at one with it.  I do this daily in my job as a landscaper.  I see beauty unfold daily in each and every way.  I get the best of both worlds.

I am a Gemini – variety is the spice of life.

In college – speech class, the professor is Mexican; we got a variety of subject matter that has still to this day influenced my awareness.

I am a girl that grew up back east on the white side of town.  I moved to Cali as a young adult and the world became a smorgasbord to me.  The flavors, textures, sites, sounds of each culture that lives in San Diego is truly amazing.  The instructor introduced us to Frida Kahlo’s work.  I had never seen anything like it.  After hearing about her life story and how she produced her art amazes me to this very day.

Discovering Frida in the early 80’s has a big influence on my art work.  I am sharing the link of her life and her art.

Education comes in a variety of flavors and when you pay attention to the sphere that has just entered your world, your world has just changed.  You still feel and believe the world is still the same even at that moment in time.  Time and everything it holds has influenced your awareness and only your subconscious has collected that information.  The human personality changes every 7 years.

The accumulations of flavors influence your life in this life time and will be brought forth into next life time.  Then we have a choice of karmic debt or karmic credit.  Flavors are a matter of choice. The choices are to keep self-open with open mind or keep self-closed with closed mind.

Instead of saying I don’t like this or that, choose I prefer this or that.  Make it a habit and within time your world will change.  Remember 3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses. It is the experience in the adventure that creates memories. Those memories go into the 4 bodies of being.  That will always stay in the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to flavors.  The flavors are actually lessons of love in this life time, from past lives.   The flavors are influenced from past lives and this life time, which will create future life flavors.


Bad attention better than good attention?

Bad attention is better than no attention at all.  This is how some children grow up.  Same as little children in adult bodies. They feel a giant need to get attention.

In the life of entertaining, politics, etc. the bigger the show, the more attention they get.  Same thing comes to war.

Anger is hurt turned inside out.  No rocket science ;-)

War is a conflict of love inside of self, which is then passed on to other species upon planet earth.  That conflict of self denial of self love is then inflicted upon others – out side of self.

A person can do 100 good things, but people always remember that one bad thing.  Which then imposes judgment.  Is this what future generations learn?  Do we pass judgement – that if you are bad you will get more attention?  Isn’t that reverse psychology in the wrong direction?

Really, seriously – we need more adults in the world!!!


2 suns, Book 5N1

2 suns, Book 5N1

Now available on

peace :-)

Press Release 10-22-14

Since as far back as I can remember I always wanted to make a difference in the world.  I wanted to join the peace corp, or the other many things in life to help ensure the future generations.

I found that through knowledge we can make a difference in the world.  Knowledge we are born with intelligence is learned. I wanted to read all the library books in all the libraries in the world in my early 20’s, in college.  I wanted to ensure the safety of my children and their children’s children.

The biggest part in knowledge is to share awareness.  To share awareness to share that you care.  To care is come from the human heart.  For now I share my awareness through my writings.

Today is my 4th press release since I began sharing.  Since I am a shy person to share is to share passions, passions is one’s love in life.

My mother told me when I was young we always love someone, just not always what they do.  I grew to love the world and all it in tells.

I share to see smiling faces on children.  That each day is a blessing.  That adults do try, they just get lost along the way sometimes.  The future generations depend upon adults to help them, find their own selves and this is done through love.

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