Everything comes in 3’s

Everything comes in 3’s

There are many methods and schools of thought to the number 3.

One school of thought is 1 + 2 = 3.

1) knowing what you want. 2) path taken to receive what you want. 3) end result of what you wanted.

#2 – would be the specifics of what you wanted.

#3 – the end result would be determined by energy as to how you received what you wanted.  Depending upon the planning of specific’s of #2, as to how you receive end result.

For example – you want a new car. Then you get a new car. But, guess what if you were not specific on the details of how to obtain the car (obtaining would be #2 above), then you get little surprises.  Maybe a dead battery next day, or nail in tire, or ????.  The more specific on how to obtain that car less likely chances of a lesson is taught to you from energy.

In the last 3 days I have heard the word alien on many occasions.  Someone told me today it is alien awareness day.  I laughed!! Really, un-real hahaha!!  Sorry, but for me that is too funny!!!

Because, anyone that is aware and open-minded already knows the truth.  There is no such things as aliens, because we are the aliens.  Learn your human history, learn your earth history, and the answers all there that you seek.

I have said for many years, that humans are the aliens.

Anyone that is of closed mind, is then living in the land of fear.  To fear is but fear it’s self.  Which is the 1st chakra of the primordial body of being in the reptilian state of being – To eat or be eaten.

To carry in each life time any type of karmic baggage is weight of tough love lessons.  It is tough learning how to love your self and it is the hardest lesson to learn in each life time.  If you do not learn your lessons in each life time, guess what!!  You get to play the game again in the next life.

Learn what is your purpose, because everything has a purpose in each life time.

Cool thing is I learned what my purpose in this life time many, many moons ago.  That is when I started doing soul lesson charts for friends and family.  I have done over 60 charts to date.  When I retire I will have a chart of 200 years.  So when clients come to me, they will receive their soul lesson chart of what their purpose is in this life time.  So they don’t need to come back and play the same game again.  They will get to play a new game in the next level of their soul path.

The love lessons come from energy.  This is universal energy in cosmic consciousness.

Man – yang – conflict – 3

Female – yin – love – 6

Left side of the physical body female.

Right side of the physical body male.

Depending upon which side of the physical body you keep energy contained, you will then receive blockages.  Which then creates Karmic baggage – Karmic debt.

The signs (symbology) and methods (metaphors) come from nature (natural world of energy).  Pay attention to the signs from energy.  It is your clues, to your path, in your destiny, in your purpose.

IN – in 3D 3rd dimension, in the moment, in the emotion.

OF – above 3D 3rd dimension, above the moment, above the emotion.



I am in the process of writing 5N1 – Coded Doors.

I am in the process of writing 5N1 – Coded Doors.

While researching metrics to convert inches into metric measurements, I came across this article.


Basically the series of 5N1 is Shawanaisha’s discovering 11 doors.  Each door is an adventure for one year with each fractal family.  The 11th door is the sacred door at the end of the hallway.  In the very last door is the shape shiftier named, Simwatu.  Simwatu shape shifts 13 times in order to teleport/transport into another dimension and takes Shawanaisha with him.

The number 11 and 22 are sacred numbers in the world of world mythology in 3D 3rd dimension.

11 doors + Simwatu and Shawanaisha (2) = 13.



The metric measurements are for the size of Frixie and other characters and scenes in the books 5N1.  Dimensions are extremely important when explaining the layout of objects in other dimension.  It’s kinda like reading a blue print, but in a different language.

To create a connection to the untouchables takes much ingenuity.

To create a connection to the untouchables takes much ingenuity.

To touch the heart of a child that may be missing one or more senses takes the heart of pure love to connect 2 as 1.

If a child is born blind – how would you explain color?

If a child is born deaf – how would you explain sound?

If a child is born tasteless – how would you explain taste?  BTW – tasteless is aka dumb – a person that can not speak.  This happens to many that are deaf.

If a child is born smell less – how would you explain aromas?

If a child is born touch less (nerve damage) – how would you explain the sensation of touch?

These are usual everyday questions that I feel the need to help.  This is the whole point of a children’s pop-up book with music.





To understand a particular energy is to understand its level.

Good morning everyone.
It takes a special person that is an indigo and empathy with a touch of being psychic to learn to flip the switch.

One of my favorite authors is Christiane Northrup, M.D.  She also wrote Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and Mother Daughter Wisdom.  Since she was an MD for 20 years before opening a women’s clinic, and being a woman, she has much in site.  She explains in one of her books – when you are born 1/2 your emotions are yours and the other 1/2 is your mother’s.  And, her mother’s before her and her mother before her.  So the list goes on through your genealogy.

So, if you are an indigo and an empathy you have ESP.  ESP is the opposite of Extra Sensory Perception (psychic), it is actually Extra Sensitive Person (Indigo and empathy).  I learned about indigo’s from college.  Then I took the test and out of 26 questions I got 25 that were yes, one was a no.  Then I found indigo groups on facebook.  I have a few friends in that group.  They really understand.

To understand a particular energy is to understand its level.

Basically for me personally I have always felt the emotional level of others.  When a person speaks of their pain my body aches with that pain as if it is happening to me.  My senses are so heightened I can feel someone looking at me, from behind me a football field away, then I turn around & I physically see them with my eyes.  They are staring at me.

Indigo’s started coming to earth in the 1940’s.  They are the trail blazers of awareness.  They have come to teach – the adjustment of awareness.  After the indigo’s then came Crystal, Blue Star, and Rainbow children.  Rainbow children came starting in the year 2010.

Studies have shown that 1 in every 8 children are born with cancer.  As the years progress it is 1 in every 4 children are born with cancer.  Then more years progress it is 1 in every 2 children are born with cancer.  Studies will tell you it is food consumed.  But you have to understand it is more than just the food that is creating the cancer.  You have to understand the emotional body of being.  Which is created from past life, into this life, and into future life times.

The emotional body of being lives in 2 worlds in 3D 3rd dimension.  You have the waking state of being and the dream state of being.  However,  In your waking state of being you believe that your dream state of being is obscure, another world that too many makes no sense.  But, when you begin to pay attention it is actually in your dream state of being, that is the real world and your waking state of being is only an illusion.

To understand what it means to BE AWAKE – BE AWARE – TO BE AWAKENED, is to understand every thing in 3D 3rd dimension is only a way station of experiences.  It is every single human being as a species to understand – we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

The experiences are simply particles that are then collected into the spirit.  Which is then filtered into the soul.

The soul is the teach to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

I can sense the emotional body of being – in humans, animals, and many other things.  As I have told my mother many times, it is like bricks being thrown at me.  It took many years to get to the point of others saying, “You should have seminars or workshops”, in order to teach how to flip the switch.  But, I have come to the point, it simply would not be in my best interest to pursue that.

1) to have a workshop or seminar would hold back my progress.

2) being in a room no matter how big would be stifling for me and I can’t breathe, even outdoors.

3) plus I’m having a ton of fun right now making music mixes and video, hahaha!!!  It’s new and exciting to me.

4) I’m on a 10 year plan. From age 50 to age 60 is a growing process.  When I turn 62 is when I will then have workshops or seminars.  Right now I’m just having fun!!

5) I wrote my first book with fun in mind – a children’s book.  2nd book – serious scientific facts. 3rd book – children’s book fun.  My next book will be serious scientific facts.

Bottom line – hanging out in the same realm too long becomes redundantly boring for me.  Balance is between too much and too little.  Since I published my 3rd book a couple of days ago, it is time to step back, refocus, and start research again.

So this is just a heads up I will not be here for a while. As I pursue research.  Research takes much time, sometimes years in order to accumulate facts. Facts come from many different sources of written words from around the world.  There are also facts from other dimensions.

I have had this site for over 4 years now and it is time for a break.  To collect my energies and transform into a new energy’s.  It’s kinda like more fun then anyone could have in a life time!

See you on the flip side!


5N1 – Ebook – out today!

The ebook – 5N1 First Flight

Available on https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/516032?ref=spherical


The Magical Mysteries of Melodies

The Magical Mysteries of Melodies

The path of the heart is uncharted melodies of memories to be made.

The memories are seeds to be opened by soul mates, yet to meet.

On that moment of meeting the melodies inside the seed of love,

brings magical music.

That only 2 souls can sing together as one.


Debts and Credits

Debts and Credits

Sometimes I must be forgiven, because I forget not everyone has had 40 years of research under their belt.

Karmic debts and credits, it has occurred to me that not everyone understands its’ true meaning.

Some believe and some do not.  When a person does not believe in something, it is because 1) they have been conditioned to a thought pattern, 2) to dis-believe is to mis-understand something, 3) to dis-believe is to be afraid of another type of truth, 4) the list goes on and on!!

Karmic debts and karmic credit live in many different types of world religions.  Karmic debts and credits are not in other life times after this life time.  Debts and credits are created in this life time and collected in this life time, and used in this life time.

Karmic debts and credits are the opposite of the lessons to learn in this life time.  When you do good you create karmic credit in this life time.  When you do bad you create karmic debt in this life time.

For example – someone cuts you off on the freeway and you have a bad thought about that person.  Guess what in this life time – example you find a great parking place and you snag it.  Then up out of the blue someone starts having bad thoughts about you, because you just stole their parking place.  So then you created Karmic debt, because you started the ball rolling with a bad thought.

That is how karmic debts and credits work in this life time.  Not previous life times nor future life times.

There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts in present moment.

Choose your thoughts.  Choose wisely.


Variety is the spice of life!!!

moon phase 001-001


It’s really cool some times hanging out on soundcloud.  The variety of music is vast!!!  Variety is the spice of life!!!

As I sit and drink my green tea cold, because it is cold outside in the western hemisphere of the world, enjoying music, while reading a book, writing another book, and making the cover for 5N1.  I’m just waiting for the clear paint to dry on the marshmallows.  The marshmallows are the stars on the cover, life is great!!

I love world mythology – it is human written history.  The phases of the moon plays a great role in human history.  Depending upon which religion one follows, it will tell a different story to the phases of the moon.

In one school of thought – dark means death.  However, technically death is only a change in energy.  There are many particular schools of thought that conditions the human mind to follow a particular thought pattern.  That thought pattern creates a lifestyle.

Death is only a dormancy of present life.  Death is only a life cycle such as the light and dark side of the moon.  The moon has 4 phases.  To change any life style is from new to waxing to full.  Never start any life style change from full to waning to new.




Life has 2 paths in 3D 3rd dimension.

Life has 2 paths in 3D 3rd dimension.

Path 1 – acceptance.  Path 2 – change acceptance.

Before I became a Metaphysican, I tried on different religions for flavor.  To me they all point to the same direction – a higher source that connects all as one.  There were bits and pieces in each religion that just did not fit with everything.  Bottom line I choose a different path that was natural for me – spirituality.

Spirituality is not a religion, it is a lifestyle.

I started working on immortality the day I started at the University of Metaphysical Sciences, it was a matter of choice, in November 2011.

The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.

Be the solution not the problem.  Self awareness creates karmic debt or credit, it is a matter of choice.

Free will stimulates from every molecule of intelligent life that is within the hierarchy of life.

Choose your lifestyle.  Choose wisely.


From time to time it is time for change.

From time to time it is time for change.

I find that to change is a matter of choice.  To change is to go with the flow of energy.  To resist change is to stop the flow of energy.

Energy comes from the universe, then recycles back to the universe.

Reiki – life force energy.  A reiki practitioner is a conduit.  The Reiki Practitioner places their hands on the human body, or a plant, or anything they feel needs healed.

When the practitioner places hands on object, the energy comes from the universe, through the practitioner, through the object.  Pulls the toxin out, which then travels back through the practitioner, and back into the universe.

It is a cycle of energy.  From the universe and back into the universe.

Chinese word for energy is Chi.

To flow with Chi is yin Female (love) – 6.  To stop flow of Chi is yang Male (conflict) – 3.

The left side of your body is yin and the right side of your body is yang.

The palm of your hands is the back of your body.  The top of your hands is the front of your body.

To massage (release toxins) through the hands and feet is called reflexology.

The tips of your fingers is your head, from front to back.  A practitioner will know the pressure points to release toxins from hands and feet.

I am not a medical doctor and never want to be one in this life time, it is a waste of my time.  I am an alternative non-drug practitioner.

Humans create toxins within their own selves.  When any body part is weak and toxins come into the sphere of the auric zone, the toxins will seep in through the funnels (chakras).  Toxins are tangible and non-tangible, depending upon which energy was created, where, and what is needed.

The energy is created in many dimensions.  It is only through the form of a lesson, that a particular energy comes to that particular person.

When pure love is lacking in any sphere of any human species, that energy that is the opposite of desire will then enter the human species life, in each life time.

This is called tough love in a love wave.  You will not find this in any scripture.




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