2 suns, Book 5N1

2 suns, Book 5N1

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peace :-)

Press Release 10-22-14

Since as far back as I can remember I always wanted to make a difference in the world.  I wanted to join the peace corp, or the other many things in life to help ensure the future generations.

I found that through knowledge we can make a difference in the world.  Knowledge we are born with intelligence is learned. I wanted to read all the library books in all the libraries in the world in my early 20’s, in college.  I wanted to ensure the safety of my children and their children’s children.

The biggest part in knowledge is to share awareness.  To share awareness to share that you care.  To care is come from the human heart.  For now I share my awareness through my writings.

Today is my 4th press release since I began sharing.  Since I am a shy person to share is to share passions, passions is one’s love in life.

My mother told me when I was young we always love someone, just not always what they do.  I grew to love the world and all it in tells.

I share to see smiling faces on children.  That each day is a blessing.  That adults do try, they just get lost along the way sometimes.  The future generations depend upon adults to help them, find their own selves and this is done through love.


A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste.

A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste.

In a particular moment in time we may wish things to be different then they are. These moments we would like to change.  The change is called personal growth.  Personal growth is the hardest thing to learn in life.

Once a person gets stuck in a rut of the same way of thinking, the world does not change only that person changes.  They become hard. They do not like this, or that.  This is straight up, keeping it real, negative way of viewing.  The harder someone becomes the more they grow less in love.  That love is called life.  They are losing their love for life.  Hardness creates a disease called dis-ease.

As time goes by they become miserable.  Their heart becomes hardened.  They start losing their love for life.  Even when so many good things may be happening around them, they cannot see it.  They have made a groove in life called a rut.  For one reason or another they choose not to change.  In which case they will for some unknown reason to them start getting sick.  They seem to catch more colds frequently than they use to.  As time goes by they start noticing more sickness come to them.  Eventually they will have a disease.

A person that is very healthy catches a sickness or a disease and they know why.  But, they just do not pay attention to the pattern that they have created for themselves.

The human being is a creature on earth just like any other creature on earth.  We are all different species in a sea of species on planet earth in 3d 3rd dimension, in the physical realm of earths physical plane of existence.

The element on earth in western mind-set has 4 elements.  In the eastern mind-set there are 5 elements.  Elements – earth, air, fire, water, metal.

Earth changes in its elements, the human being, but only one species of many must change with each element on earth.  For each season, the human being must change with it.  To flow with chi a person must go with the flow of the elements.  For example – when the element is cold you eat and drink cold food.  When the element is hot, you eat and drink hot.  Before you change nutrition you must find out your Vedic body type.  Cold blooded people need to eat warm or hot foods depending upon if they already have a disease or not.  A hot-blooded person needs to eat cold foods. Nutrition is the opposite of chemicals in the elements.

The rut is a closed mind.  Change mind-set from closed to open.  There is a very big world that many have chosen to keep at a distance, simply because they just do not understand.  That is only a perception of fear.  To be more afraid of what one does not understand will be very detrimental to one’s health.

Knowledge from one’s own past life time is brought forth in this lifetime, everyone was born this way.  This is called karma.  Pay attention to the moments in life you may perceive in what you do not like.  Those moments in time are the lessons of karmic debt, from a past or present life time.

Pay attention to holistic nutrition.  Holistic nutrition is the nutrition you put into your mind, body, emotion, and spirit. The 4 bodies of being make 1 whole being called a human being.

A closed mind is only receiving parts of the nutritional value for the 4 bodies of being.  Learn to enjoy every moment in life.  Because, life is love and love is life.



Bright days may come from a sun that may not shine.

To shine is but a glisten that catches the eye.

To see the air that passes is, but a glisten in the shimmer that shine brightly.

To see the beauty is to see the shimmer of each new day.



Music Vibrations

Tones are the vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms.  The frequencies of tones are the same as a heart monitor for a heart rate.  The MHz is the frequencies of tones in high or low.  Such as a person with a busy mind cannot relax simply, because the frequency of input of information keeps the mind in high gear.

When listening to meditation music such as music therapy will bring down the vibrations of thoughts into a lower frequency.  A busy mind that has never meditated before would be best to use a 175 MHz for relaxation.  But, for those that have done meditation for years it is easy to go with a 936 MHz.

The 936 MHz is a very high vibrational frequency for people that their senses are at higher awareness.  I prefer still mind meditation, which will then activate DMT naturally.  Still mind meditation can be done for hours.  The body only follows what the mind tells it to.  So naturally people that have too much going on upstairs cannot meditate with music meditation at higher frequencies of MHz.  Studies show that plants and babies that listen to music meditation have a much calmer demeanor.  The tones are what activate the nerves within the human body.

When you can learn with much years of practice to listen to the frequency of MHz within music it will calm nerves.  I listen to music meditation when I paint.  Which; then puts me in a zone (meditation), so that the world does not exist; just for a little while.  When I do finish a painting it does look like a rainbow, especially when using neon colors.

When I do listen to music meditation, I try to mix it up.  I listen to Tibet Singing bowls, 936 MHz of meditation music, or psychedelic music.  I do not listen to any music that has vocals, because then the meditation stops.  I prefer just the music alone.

Next year on the agenda I will be making a music meditation cd.  It will be a combo of hypnotherapy with color therapy combined with background of nature.   It will be a side project for practice, for the music I need to make for the children’s pop-up book I am working on.  Also, in the works, my mother has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, I told her I would make her a singing cookbook.  Basically, it will be a jingle of herbs for health to add to her food.  Such as, parsley is good for heart burn.  So I had parsley to just about everything I cook and bake.  This way she won’t lose the pieces of paper or forget where she put it.  It will be online for easy access for her.  I love my momma!!!

This year is hard-core art (fractal animals), next year – hard-core training, writing, and music.  Hard core training is straight up 600 crunches and jogging the bleachers 25 times plus work out at the gym, yep all in the same day, no big whoop!!  Living life to the fullest, I love life :-)


Double Take

Double Take is the moment when you glance at something, then you have to look at it again.  To believe what you saw in the first place was really what you saw.  You want to make sure your mind is not seeing what you thought it saw.

Everything in life needs a double take.  Perception of perceiving one’s own truth will bring self in one’s own path of destiny.

Life is the opposite of what you perceive.  That’s why we get the lovely colors of life called black and white.  When taking a deeper look at what one perceives as black can really be white.  Same goes for white.

In the western mind set – white means pure and good.

In China – white means death.

It is always good to take a double take on perception.  Invert the colors of life and you will change your world.



It just amazes me how closed some human minds can be!!!! It is absolutely amazing when a word is invented, yes invented!!!  As the years go by the same word then obtains a new meaning.  To the older generation a word means something entirely different then to the younger generation today. Such as sick, in the past meant you were physical sick.  Today sick means bad, but bad means good. Years ago bad really meant bad, not a good thing.

Do you see how words can form an opinion about someone, simply because another person’s mind will lower someone else, just because of a little word.  My goodness I thought an adult was to learn and teach to and from children.  That is how humans grow as a species.

Fact is I do use cuse words in everyday life, and that is a fact.  Does it make me less of a human being, of course not!!!.  Small minds think small.

A closed mind hurts my mind.  We will never grow into 1 love as a human species when there are children running around in adult bodies. And that is a fact!!!

Open your mind and you will free your world!!!  A closed mind only creates toxins.  And guess what later you will receive a dis-ease, simple because you choose to close your mind!!! That is a fact.

You Choose

Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.  Dwelling on anything in life is keeping that thought in your mind and never letting it free.  Dwelling on the same subject matter will bring that object of desire to you. Such as, if you worry a lot of what is going to happen, it will.  It’s that simple.  Dwelling is energy that you choose to come into your life.  So what is the point of dwelling?  I see no point in it, simply because there is way too much life out there, to just dwell.  I got way too much to do to hang in that realm of redundant boring.

I was like that for many years.  Then I asked myself one day, is this any fun, well of course not, so I just changed directions.  Years later, as my son would say everything in life is the opposite, I said you just finally figured this out, good for you.  It’s that simple.

Any change in life only changes when you change it.  If you choose to dwell on any subject matter you are keeping that energy alive inside of you.  Your body only follows what your mind tells it to.  Your body is one of the 4 bodies of being within a whole being.  Your body is very intelligent; it has a mind of its own.   The 1st chakra is the primordial body of being, the reptilian state of existence, eat or be eaten mechanism.

The brain is only a tool for the mind.  Your thoughts come from your mind.  Your thoughts activate the chemicals within your mind that sends signals to your body.  Your body then reacts to your thoughts.  Your mind transmits chemicals from your brain to your body.  Your body then reacts to these chemicals.  Your body is on high alert.  Your body stays on high alert till you stop dwelling.  If this dwelling goes on for years your body will then begin to break down, as all man-made things will break down in time. 3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter, of the physical plane of existence, in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.  That is the point of life to know your purpose of living, not the living dead of dwelling.  Dwelling brings death, not life.

Who is in control you or your thoughts?  Who is in control you or your mind?  Who is in control you or your body?  Who is in control you or your emotions?

It is you – you are a spiritual being that has come to earth to experience life.  Life is only an experience in an adventure.  The adventure is what emotion you attach to the experience.  You choose, it’s that simple.

Pay attention, be aware of your thoughts, cause your thoughts can and will change your life.  It’s that simple, it’s that easy.

I just finished painting – Time Warp Floating Objects


My first book – https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/295113

My first book did not have illustrations.  I am working on the illustrations now.

Life is good and gets better everyday. :-)


2 for 1 combo

I’m watching this video


While listening to this music


It’s a 2 for 1 combo ;-)

A nice gem

I love scrolling the majical sounds on soundcloud.  As I am painting “Time warp” and listening to different Hawaiian music, I came across a gem.


It is so simple but yet has a nice ring.

Painting “Time Warp” and listening to Hawaiian music, it just occurred to me. It is like watching beauty unfold.  It’s like watching a relationship between 2 people unfold as it grows together each day.

The energy in music combine with the energy of painting brings majic together as one.

Time warp - in progress

Time warp – in progress

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