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There are 2 kinds of Carbons. 1) Carbon – is a carbon blueprint = lifeform. 2) Carbon – is a carbon copy of a blue print.

A carbon is a replica of its original.  A carbon in its original state of being is energy – it is organic in 3D 3rd dimension.

Music therapy = activation of 3rd eye chakra through MHz of tones in Metaphysics.

Carbon Based Lifeforms –



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LULIN – daughter of FEWA {fractal family good – earth}

LULIN – daughter of FEWA {fractal family good – earth}

5 Elements - Chinese Feng Shui

5 Elements – Chinese Feng Shui

Fire – Expansion and Transformation – Blue, Yellow, Red and Orange – Triangles, Pyramids, Diamonds, Sunbursts.

Earth – Grounding and Support – Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange – Horizontal shapes, Squares, Rectangles.

Metal (Metal Power) – Left brain – Intellectual aspects / Right brain Creative aspects.  Left brain colors White, Silver, Gray.  Right brain Rainbow colors – seven rainbow rays. – shape The Circle.

Water – Release and Renewal – Black, Dark Blue – Still water shapes, Moving water shapes.

Wood – Personal growth – Green, Purple – Pillars.

The Constructive Cycle –

Fire generates ash (earth) – Earth forms ore (metal) – Metal condensations produces water – Water nourishes wood – Wood feeds fire.

YIVATI – wife of FEWA {fractal family good – earth}

5 elements in Chinese Feng Shui – Fire, Earth, Metal (mental), Water, Wood.


Good #1…Metal condensation produces water

Dad…Bacha, Mom…Subara, Son…Penxia, Daughter…Ezuma

Good #2…Fire generates ash

Dad…Lakey, Mom…Prama, Son…Sata, Daughter…Agli

Good #3…Earth forms ore – metal

Dad…Fewa, Mom…Yivati, Son…Fewa Jr., Daughter…Lulin

Good #4…Water nourishes wood

Dad…Valu, Mom…Yumata, Son…Quesute, Daughter…Quenon

Good #5…Wood feeds fire

Dad…Osnar, Mom…Ashanus, Son…Narser, Daughter…Cydite