Sometimes we need to clean house

This site is my website and will be in December, 5 years now.

This a spiritual gathering.  It is all pro-bono, non-profit.  I ask for nothing and I just give awareness.  I was asked once if I wanted to have my own radio show and I said, no I’m too busy.

I just discovered the link of who I follow from this site. :-)  It takes time to discover things hahaha!!

It will take about 2 days to go through all the links.  It is amazing there are people who have not posted for 2 years now.  The list is getting smaller, which is cool.

When you rush anything in life it will just get messed up.

Hoping by the end of this year this site will be all audio.


Enough with the whiners – grow up

I find it extremely interesting on the boring side of course, when people claim that life is hard.  Life is easy if you let and hard if you make it.

I have been working since I was in 5th grade.  Along the way through adulthood I managed to raise 2 children, while married & collect many college degrees and certifications.  All while working full time with a thyroid disease.  Working full-time over 20 years of landscaping.  Having a disease only makes you stronger.

Nothing like sitting in the emergency room drinking radioactive iodine, while your thyroid is controlling your life totally disintegrates in front of you.  That was 16 years ago and really who has time to sit around and cry about life.  It is called growing up.

Fact is working in landscaping you learn how to deal with all types of people.  My saying has been – anyone that bitches, whines, moans or complains more than a little girl – is a panzy.  There are way too many pansies in the world, it gets old and redundantly boring.  Since I am the only female of 500 tradesmen in my job, I say – check your hormones at the door, because there is only one female here and that is me.


The majical mysteries of lights – Poem

The majical mysteries of lights,

that we seek,

Is but an illusion for those in need.

Is it the time and space,

In the depths of layers in ripples?

Is it the land of wonderment, that we have forgotten?

Placed aside as childish things,

But, the child inside seeks,

the majical mysteries of lights.


Love is technically energy

Many moons ago (a few years ago) someone asked me, when you finished college and you become a Revered, where will your congregation be?  My first response didn’t even cross my mind, I said, “online”.  Why I said that I have no idea.  I just knew to become the doctor that makes house calls same as in the olden days.

Humanity has grown beyond human comprehension within the standards of future, in man-made concepts.  It is the different frequencies of vibrations that brought love into unbalance.  Too much or too little is an imbalance in the eyes of nature.

Many choose a deity such as God or Buddha or whomever they look up to.  To me all deities are just different degrees of love.  A child learns what love is from their parents.  A parent can only teach what love is by what they were taught.  A parent can not teach love,when they have not learned what love is.  A parent only teaches what they think love is, not what the child needs.

My aunt told me in my younger days, “when you have a bill, don’t stress, just think about it as numbers”.  It is the little philosophies that can change a person’s perspective in life.

The different degrees of frequencies of love – of = above 3D 3rd dimension of earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses, of 4D 4th dimension.  In = in the moment, in the emotion, in 3D 3rd dimension, in earth’s physical realm, in the human 5 senses.

To some the perception of love is conditional love.  The condition that one person wants you to do this or that.  This is the idea love of man-made concepts.

To some the perception of love is unconditional love. The unconditional love is acceptance of the other person’s free will is okay.  This is the idea love of man-made concepts.

Very few the perception is pure love.  It is the balance of everything and anything.  Most will discover this in a near death experience.  It is really strange to me, that many have to go to the depths of darkness in order to reach the light of lightness.

The different degrees of love come in the variety of different colors.  The colors are calculated as numbers.  Each number has a color.  This is called the auric zone that illuminates from the chakras in the 4 bodies of being.  The 4 bodies of being are contained in the core of being for future life times.

Certain things come up in life and my typical response is down to earth, practical matters.  My mom says, “you always make it sound so easy”.  My response, “it is, because that is the way I live my life”.

Many believe that love is physical pain, or mental pain, or emotional pain.  This is man-made concepts of conditional love.

Love is technically energy.  Every deity, inorganic, organic, every species, etc. etc. is love in energy.  Energy is the vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms.  Energy is love.


Juanita D. Lewis, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.Div.

“Juanita D. Lewis, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.Div.
Juanita D. Lewis has been awarded Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.Div.. , after all her efforts, hard work, and successful completion of this program. She captures the essence of spirituality through her blessed incites.  She helps others connect to self by reconnecting the mind/body/emotion/spirit through 1 love – self-love.”